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Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

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  1. I love these videos from this guy, he's cool. I love you guy's thank you very much for your video's, keep'em coming .

  2. This is great! Very well explained, very easy to understand and easy to perform! Kudos!

  3. Very energetic and easy! Great one! Thank you and lol re: the self-combustion. Ha-ha!

  4. I don't quite understand why we have to make a funny shape with our hands, I hope theirs a actual reason for this

  5. Namaste! I absolutely love your videos…clean simple concise and very informative…Thank you so so much for your videos….Blessings

  6. only a fool would pay that amount to learn how to cure unhappiness

  7. @Anmolmethacom this is my first tie ever incorporating your yoga into my jujitsu training and already I feel the benefits of yoga. You are really helpful thank and keep doing what your doing.

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  11. everything is right about your teachings i love them and have been meditating 15 years as a Buddhist. then this Lion came to me in an open took me a few "miracles" and "revelations" and after this shock- overnight i became Christian ( never was growing up) But i'm told (within) Christ wants us to meditate. He threw Tara off my walls and set fire to my meditation and spiritual journey are now full of LIFE and joy, never got that before from buddhist temple..just sharing :)

  12. you might be crazy. religions man-made

  13. An interesting version.  I have a book that says to breathe slowly through the right nostril, closing the left, then hold the breath closing both nostrils, while applying Jalandhara  Bandha then close the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril.  I'm doing your version as well. 

  14. FREE video FREE video… why do you say it .? if service is not your motto…  just dont do it.

  15. Great! Thank you!

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