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A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

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  1. go Cuba they have the cure..

  2. have you retards ever heard of "third world order"? its were people like governments wont cure cancer because its a source of money… they wont cure cancer because if they cure it every one will stop donating money and the governments will have less and less money, their just using us for money :3

    thats my theory ( sorry for my bad english )

  3. I've been reading the comments and people don't believe there is a cure well here is proof if you don't mind doing some reading. Please note it says that the drug used is a non patent drug and pharmaceutical companies can't make money from it

  4. dear god, get a haircut

  5. I'd heard cannabis oil was really good for getting rid of cancer.

  6. I need to find a cure

  7. The great and good Communist party of China has actually cured every single disease known to man. However the evil and Capitalist government of America has hidden these cures from the rest of the world. As they use diseases as population control. We can only hope that, one day, the good and just Communist party of China will one day control the entire world.

  8. <Insert comment about how there's a cure but the government is hiding it because they want money. Insert another comment about waking up you sheep>

  9. The cure for cancer: put all humans into computers. We aren't made of proteins. Therefore, we can't have cancer. Problem solved. ;-)

  10. Why isint alkaline included?

  11. I think the future in cancer treatments is in genetics applications to medicine

  12. How is the moon a full moon when all the light from the sun is blocked by the earth

  13. You cure hams not humans. Humans are either disconnected/disease or, degrees of connectedness/ease. So you balance and align or realign people…do you get it now??? Western medicine is poison for the human body, it puts you further and further out of alignment. You have to align your physical and non-physical. Most people are already half dead, they are just waiting for a disease to come and clam the meat sake body.

  14. This comment section gave me brain cancer.

  15. it has been cured by the vaccine withheld from the public…
    Keep them sick treat them for years = More profit

  16. Yeah I drink protein shakes i'm practically made of the stuff

  17. Or use a virus with healthy DNA in it, and inject the virus into the tumor.

  18. Blue Knights Covenant

    Well I have to ask, Would Injecting Cannabis oil at any stage of cancer give you a better survival chance. Is it possible that it renews the now "haywire" cell. No matter what I read, I keep finding overwhelming info both for and against it. IT SUCKS I JUST WANNA KNOWWWWW

  19. Because there's less money in cures.

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