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A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

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  1. Kinda get more and more interested with Cancer everyday. Sadly, I have been recently diagnosed with Stage 2 Classical Hodgkin's Lymphoma and it's rather interesting to learn more and more about the process.

  2. I'm writing my thesis… you don't understand how much I love this video! If only I could cite it!

  3. according to the video everyone has cancer … so the title is misleading

  4. The sad thing is now Jake Roper has cancer. So, now this video feels weird.

  5. This video was right next to the one were Jake says that he has cancer. Spooky and sad.

  6. Autocarrot is so annoying it makes me want to putt.

  7. Feelinng sad 'bout jake roper

  8. Just imagine. What if we were all created from a trial and error type system. There were billions of times that we were just spawned in, our bodies flopped over, caught on fire, rapidly developing cancers, all of our skin was instantly obliterated because our blood was highly acidic, and our bodies crumpled up into weird twisted balls because our bones were extremely imbalanced and lopsided. "They" finally created a decent prototype. But this isn't the end yet…

  9. Cancer is very terrible I can't believe the blood cells multiple much faster than usually

  10. i think i have cancer but i am going to live my life to the fullest. Because i hate the time of the Hospital since my father died

  11. One more video and that's it ! it's 2 am in the morning ! i have study tomorrow …… oh wait ! this actually IS study :D

  12. i really hope Jake Roper wins the fight…

  13. Jake…

  14. Well, Jake does now. Sending prayers.

  15. I LOLed at ' Social & Intelligent'

  16. Jake Roper has done so much for Vsauce … HE IS AWESOME-NESS incarnate !!! best luck m8 :D

  17. Decided to watch this out of anger after watching Jakes… video.

    Fuck you, cancer.

  18. And now Jake from vsauce3 has cancer. F*ck cancer.

  19. this guys a fucking ass

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