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A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

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  1. What about babies with cancer?

  2. I also have cancer but I'll take the natural way over the damn doctors anyday. that's a good thing plumbers do not fix plumbing like doctors fix people.

  3. Susheena Elizabeth

    Wow I've always wanted to be a vegetarian or at least a person who consumes less meat but i was raised that meat was an important part of your diet. l was actually lead to believe that being a vegan was crazy. Thank you so much for sheading some light. l will definitly be changing my diet

  4. This video gave me cancer

  5. Like the video, now watch "COWSPIRACY" and it all comes together.

  6. The cancer industry is a great, thriving market actually, I invested in some cancer stocks a few weeks ago and my stocks are up by 50% already! I also went and bought a few low-tier cheap cancers for me and I will wrap them and gift them to my friends this Christmas.

  7. C “Big2Nut” Antonio

    @Freele the Banana Girl what books would you considered to read about cancer?

  8. I don't usually like your videos because of how they come across but this was really educational their should be more videos like this none of that who eats what or meat eaters are evil ect. But decent educational documentaries such as this.

  9. id like to pound you fap fap


  11. You're really cute, but holy fucking shit you're retarded. How in the hell can this video have such high positive like to dislike ratio? Do you have some sort of huge cult following you or something?

  12. thankyou so much for what you do!

  13. I use spirulina marine phytoplankton kelp chlorella avocado oil triple mushroom complex and many others every day. I call people who are on medication and teach them to heal diseases naturally, cancer is easy if people listen, 386,867,6026 Dwayne super food guru, if u have any questions

  14. This makes me sick (the cancer industry.) This was good but there is some misinformation. The Okinawans had an average of a half serving of fish per day. The Seventh Day Adventist vegetarians actually have a longer life expectancy than them. So it would seem that perhaps a plant-based diet is the healthiest way to go.

  15. Its so sad to realize that scientists aren't even trying to find a cure..instead they spend trillions of dollars going to outer space when really they should focus on this and find a cure.

  16. People like you kill. Quit pushing fear of real medicine. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  17. Skipping through this video really made me hungry for some fried chicken, and steak, and milk… oh, and you can have my banana!

  18. Thank you. Excellent advice. Great video. I shared on my FB page. I believe radiation and/or chemo can kill, or reduce (shrink) tumors, but it's up to the patient to keep it away, and change their diet. Too often patients won't learn this stuff, so they don't change their lifestyle but think the doctor can work miracles. There is a great book that people should take seriously called The Maker's Diet. Also (in addition to changing their diet) people need to learn about natural herbs and ANTIOXIDANTS that fight cancer cells while promoting healthy cells. TUMERIC is a great start.

  19. banana girl has the smokin belly going on there.. wow…

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