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A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

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  1. my aunt passed of cancer when I was 5, and my best friend passed of cancer last year in September, my grandma had breast cancer, and I've had to be checked for cancer because I showed symptoms. cancer is my worst enemy.

  2. My best friend has throat cancer and it has spread to the back oh her neck :( I had to move away so dint get to see her anymore and I really miss her :((

  3. i dont know if i got cancer, but if i do……PEACE

  4. My dad actually died from cancer last year.. I mean life goes on.. but he just turned 50.. and it was a week before his birthday aswell.. :/

  5. I only made it three minutes into the video before I started too cry

  6. My 5 year old cousin passed away last year. He died the day after I had gone to go see him in hospital and I wish I had seen him more.

  7. I want to know what type of person that dislikes a video like this

  8. help a mother fighting cancer for the second time. anything will help her

  9. This video made me laugh

  10. the sad thing is, there was 30% cancer rate increase worldwide since 1960s-1980s because of numerous nuclear bomb testing from the 40s to 90s performed high in earth's atmosphere. there is no place on earth where you cannot find traces of radiation travelled by wind caused by nuclear weapons, even on north pole

  11. cancer is probably the greatest cause why family members of mine died. I'm really scared of my parents or me dying from cancer too one day..

  12. I'm less scared of getting cancer myself than I am of my parents getting cancer :/

  13. I'm scared… My mom has had cancer 2 times before, now she has it again. She is going under a surgery tomorrow to get 7 little tumors that have being growing inside her removed. She is a mother, she doesn't want to see her childs suffer so she always hides how she truly feels. She talks so calmly about what be have to do if she dies and I know she is scared scared for us, if she does I'll be so alone, I don't want her to die. I want her to be cured so bad, more than I want anything else. Why her? Why does all bad things happen to her? I wish it could be me and not her.

  14. Cancer is a B17 deficit.

  15. I started crying while watching this video, because everything what they said was true. My brother has a lymphoma relapse (first time he heard about his cancer 4 years ago) and he slowly comes back to normal, healthy life – but I remember how for two months (August/September this year) everyone thought that he wouldn't survive, because relapse is much, much worse than 4 years ago. I don't wish anyone to feel this painfully helplessness and awareness that someone from your family probablay dies.

    One thing I want to share with you can maybe save your life – as I said, doctor said to him about lymphoma 4 years ago. But before, for SIX MONTHS other doctors from other hospital didn't even thought about cancer and they were saying he had "inflammation of the subcutaneous" over and over and over… He felt really bad, had high fever (39 – 40°C) all the time, and that weird spots, like someone beat him hard. Finally, one day my mom's friend (who was working in other hospital) told to her that my brother should have biopsy. And that's how we found about his cancer.

    Everyone who have to fight right now with cancer – stay strong. You can do it.

  16. Jessica Etherington

    this is y I donated my hair to help these people

  17. my mum told me today that shes going to hospital Monday because there might be a possible chance she has cancer on her bladder

  18. who ever dislikes this vid you should be a shamed of your self

  19. I'm so scared because my mom died of cancer and the mother of my mom (grandma) to and her brother to (uncle) and cancer is maby in my mother's family and i'm so scared that I gonna have cancer because it is in the family of my mother.. I don't want to die :(

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