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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. Hello loren

    I agree that medication/drugs dont actually help solve the problem as they simply reduce the symptoms. However what about Hydrogen Peroxide? Applying 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to the skin has been shown to fight bacteria/viruses and help increase oxygen in the body.

  2. This is a great service that you provide in these videos, Loren.  Raw fruits and greens and fasting, along with some sun and fresh air, is how optimal health is achieved.  I am sure it is frustrating for you because, since people are so unhealthy, what you are saying is not believed or understood.  But keep doing what you are doing!  The truth will prevail.

    How long does it take the body to heal?  I feel like people want to return to health after decades of abusing the body, and nature just can't work that fast.  Any thoughts on this?

  3. I wish I could afford to do this. 

  4. Hi Loren
    I was wondering if by having a healthy liver will prevent whiteheads from forming on the body? I had this problem for quite some time now and I would to see it go away. Thanks

  5. Fasting is the only real rewind button on the human machine. Thanks Lauren!

  6. hai loren what can we do to reduce sugar levels
    since we are on medication how can we stop it

  7. Doesnt the body or cells need energy to do things ?
    What about Bacteria/Virus infections ?

  8. Thanks Loren I like your followers too.  Medication tells you that you will be on them the rest of your life. Can you later update us on the person with MS. Tamany?

  9. Amazing channel. So much information thank you. Ive only been vegan under 2 weeks all raw and this is a whole new world for me after 20 years drug addiction. Im battling with over eating at the moment. even tho im only 2 stone over weight and many people say youve stopped your drug addiction and smoking you dont need to worry about food but i wont accept feeling ill all the time. Im going to learn to sit with my feelings instead of eating non stop even tho its all raw fruit and veg. Im gonna to do a fast too. Love your channel.

  10. haha loren is the best

  11. I love this guy

  12. Hi Loren,
    Do you have any experience with people that were dependent on benzodiazepines. Can fasting help them with withdrawal symptoms?
    Thank you,
    Best Wishes

  13. Loren, WHOLE HERBS as grown in Nature are just an extension of fruit and vegetables. If you give the body what it needs to heal the underlying cause of the problem in the way of these things, it heals. If it is man-made (or deconstructed plants from Nature), it just addresses the symptoms and leaves residual problems for later on. That is because the body can't recognize and use the man-made supplements the way it can with the perfect WHOLE herbs.

    The body won't heal fully and completely unless it is working on a clean canvas ( a clean digestive and lymphatic system.) That is where fasting and slower cleansing methods come in. However, sometimes you need to alternate with fasting and then building with raw fruit and raw leafy greens and back to fasting again etc.

  14. Loren, Thank you for sharing this valuable information on You Tube. Question: Have you experience fasting anyone that body has completely eliminated there Fibroid Tumors?Thank you

  15. Five months since my lasts gallstone attack this after a series of short water fasting.

  16. Is it possible that dental caries could heal while fasting?

  17. you will look so young if you get rid of your beard.

  18. Loren,
    You said that "if a person has any kind of wasting" it is not safe to go on a fast. I have been diagnosed with "muscle wasting" and have marked lack of muscling around my left hand and left arm, however I am overweight by at least 30 lbs. Have also experienced a stroke and heart attack. So do you think going on a water fast would be helpful or hurtful.

  19. i got a friend that has a very rare condition. Is call tmau. this is the unability for the liver to create fmo3. this is a ensyme that break down the compounds of tma. since this ensyme is no present in the system or is present in small dosis, tma build up in the body and is excreted in the sweat , urine , breath etc…. That of course is not the problem. the problem is that it smell usually like raw fish or feces. For what he told me there is no cure. He is been my best friend since kindergarden. i just feel so bad that i would like to help him. And i just know he is willing to do whatevwr it takes to get rid of it. whenever you have a chance please tell me if this would be a good idea and if he actually have a shot to cure it.

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