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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. Andrew can you recommend some teeth whitening tips?

  2. FreeYourMind FromMentalSlavery


  3. Fasting done wrong… what did you expect, superpowers?

  4. Most people I know couldn't fast for 26 minutes.

  5. Gotta say, I never believed in the benefits of Fasting but you do look alot more shredded! Good going man

  6. I get pretty good benefits fasting one or two days per week. I also supplement with amino acids and essential oils so my body doesn't waste away. If you "laid around" for the whole month and weren't meditating for hours upon hours every day, it honestly sounds like you accomplished little. Save the 26 day fasts for those with spiritual intentions and go get yourself a personal trainer/dietician to improve your health.

  7. This guy has an eating disorder.

  8. no way in hell i would b smiling

  9. was it a 23 day straight fast? was it a complete fast including no water or liquids?

  10. what 26 days of fasting did to me: I looked like shit, now I look even more like shit. The end.

  11. you want to know about fasting ask any Muslim about fasting in the month of Ramadan

  12. All the fat people just hating

  13. Is one of those 'From weed to meth transformations', maybe?

  14. And you know what makes you even healthier?Eating your own feces during 20 day period.Try it.

  15. The last person I heard talking this way about weight was a teenage girl with anorexia nervosa.

  16. supertruckerdave1979

    i see the glow

  17. I'm sorry but this seems unhealthy…I have digestive issues, too, and I've tried medical fasts and they did nothing for me. I am on a whole foods diet and if I skip a meal or two, I lose weight, I'm already dangerously thin to begin with. This is a dangerous thing to share or recommend to anyone, you're not a doctor. Everyone please don't do this just to do it! Talk to a real MD or ND!

  18. I think he looks healthier before the fast, but it sounds like he was fasting to heal his intestines after years of colitis. If he did heal his intestines, that's great, but he should try to look more like his before. He kind of had a smaller Matt Damon going on in the before pic. My opinion anyway.

  19. fasting is good for the body and mental status… all i can say is after i had my son i was fat… i started walking every where this was during the summer time i would walk everywhere no matter how far it was.. i was 200 and something pounds… i went down to 170 something which is good for me because im tall and slim i also started swimming it help me fine.. didnot need a gym did not need nothing but walking

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