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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. this is so unhealthy

  2. The maximum amount of time that you can water fast without entering a period of starvation is 40 days, and even that is stretching it. Most people that attempt a water fast for the first time do not last over a day. The amount of discipline and determination that is required to reach just 10 days on a water fast is very high. You have to be physically and mentally prepared to endure the struggles that come with not eating a single piece of food for days. 
    The first time that I ever attempted a water fast, I lasted 5 days. Resisting the physical urge and temptation to eat was, without a doubt, one of the hardest things I've had to do. My initial aim was 7 days, but, as you can see, I did not make that mark.
    Water fasting for 5 days has been a most significant and enlightening experience in my life. It had great physical and mental benefits. There is scientific evidence to support this as well. After 5 days of not eating, all of my terrible symptoms completely vanished. I felt great. The only problem was that I did not follow the correct diet after completing the fast. I ate a lot of starchy, sugary foods, and that threw my digestive system completely out of wak, which set the stage for my symptoms to return and haunt once more. But NOT this time!!!

    This time I will break the fast properly with a healthy and nutritious diet.

    If you're going to do a water fast, then I urge you to watch this video FIRST, as an introduction, and then conduct a lot more research on your own before starting the fast. This video is pretty long, but if you're serious about water fasting, then that shouldn't be an issue as it contains loads of vital information that you will need. I also recommend that you fast under the supervision of a friend or a family member and take note of your medical history, including any medical conditions that you might have. Although fasting is very beneficial, it can also be dangerous. Do your homework…

  3. I lenjoyed your lecture, Dr. Goldhamer but I was turned off about your VEGANAZI attitude. Instead of simply saying "flesh foods" and why you disagree with their consumption, you went on to say "rotting decaying flesh".

    This is my bloody food you are talking about and I do not eat "rotting decaying flesh"! I do eat free range, local, organic eggs and chickens, and beef. I do eat these meats very sporadically but I do eat them. Humans have eaten meat for thousands, possibly millions of years so we are perfectly adapted to it. We are omnivores, not herbivores and meat is a perfectly healthy and necessary part of our diet. 

    Thank you for the lecture. 

  4. Eating "animals that died of natural causes". Seriously?! 

    What planet do you live on? Animals that die of natural causes are either too old or diseased. You are welcome to enjoy even rotten vegetables and only fruits that fall off a tree so you don't hurt the plant. But me, I prefer my succulent and delicious steak to be organic pastured fed, humanely raised and slaughtered. 

  5. I am confused about the pound a day stat.  Based on calorie math it should be half a pound.  I take it you are losing as much weight in ketone byproduct mass and scavaged protien waste and similar as in actual energy?

  6. A low carb, moderate protein, ketogenic diet is the next best thing to fasting and can be done indefinitely.

  7. In day 3 of my 5 day monthly water fast.  Love it

  8. This guy is awesome

  9. I was on the "broke ass white boy " fast , several times when I was a "starving student"

    that shit's real , no wonder I'm so healthy now HAHA

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