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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. I did this! it was easy going for 2 days next time


  2. I want to know other breathing techniques of Pranayama also.

  3. I'm on the fifth day of a water fast, I only ate 2 meals in 2 days prior to starting the fast, the 3 and 4 days were the worst, especially lower back pain caused by kidney cleansing. I plan on going for 10 days, probably longer, I am very discipline, for me no problem, espcially since I achieved enlightenment when I was seventeen

  4. Hello, I sometimes fast for around 30 hours (one day and two nights) and it feels great, just like you said. I want to make it my habit, but I have a question- if I want to fast ones every week, should I change days or can it always be on the same day (I'm wondering if the body gets habituated with it and after some time starts to magazine the food for that occasion). 
    Also my friend is a Muslim and he's certain Ramadan is fasting. If he took just one meal every 24 hours, would it then be fasting and should he then drink water during the days or it doesn't matter  that much? Thank you for the video.

  5. Monica Christin Wollan Teigen

    Thank You So Much For The Information You Gave. Thank You :)

  6. Can I exercise and fasr

  7. Can we do meditation while water fasting 

  8. I attempted to water fast for only one day for spiritual and detox reasons only but honestly all I can think about and started craving during that time was fast food which is surprisingly ironic due to the fact that I hardly consume such things. And its not like I wasn't preparing myself for fasting cuz i have been working on consuming more fruits and veggies during the past 2 mths. I consume meat very very minimum sometimes i dont even eat meat for a week and prior to my single fasting day I strictly made it fruits and veggies in which I was fine until of course the moment of the truth came, it was scary I had French fries creeping through my mind and chips with avocado dipping sauce/Popeye's chicken etc.. Until I hate to say this but I fell into temptation and gave in after 18 hrs counting the night of my sleep which technically minus 8 hrs or so its 10 hrs of the awake period of fasting. After that I pigged out and felt ashamedly fulfilled. It was mixed emotions and all I kept telling myself to make me feel better and more accepting was everyone's favorite excuse line: I'm only human… I want to try fasting again and I'm planning to hopefully do it soon maybe this week Thursday or next week Thurs. And reason for me to choose Thursday is cuz it's my day off and I want to keep as much minimum stress as possible. Anyways that was my experience, please give me advice on how to resist such crazy unhealthy random food thoughts and also why did this happen to me? I'm just curious since honestly I'm the healthiest eating person in my family and meat/sweets is not a big deal to me. Tks for taking the time to read this.

  9. Thanks guru…..i will do 24hrs fasting once a week…..hehe:))))….today is my first day….

  10. I have seen great improvement with my meditation feeling my body vibrating and mind becoming clear with slight visions from my imagination. I wonder what sensations I will feel if I water fast for two days and meditate. It does take practice and it can be difficult but when you feel aligned with the universe, everything is worth it. Even having to struggle with anxiety and depression feels much easier to cope with when I meditate. I'm not going back to the dr so he can tell me to take pills and not worry. Smoking herb, meditating, exercising, playing music and being mindful of what I consume has helped more than any $30 prescription has ever done. Peace to all and I hope everyone finds their guided inner light. 

  11. Pranam to Aacharya YOGESHJI…!!

  12. Thank u

  13. hey! i sujjest u to read much more about ramadan u have just opened one page of a book and telling all this nonsens please read and under stand full what ramadan is….

  14. Beautiful, calming energy.

  15. fasting is not just a battle in the body. it's a mental battle as well. The devil in your mind becomes active not to get you to eat but to get you to break your word to your soul.

  16. I really love water fasting

  17. Master please when you water fasting with out praying is it good, or what about you fast for some spiritual problem with out prayers those it helps or not

  18. Namaskar Acharya-shree , could you pls advise on which days to fast , its mostly said to fast on Full & No moon days and Ekadasi day , also guide how to fast on water . Is it advisable to do Shatkarma's , the yogic internal cleansing , particularly dhauti (stomach cleansing ) and neti (nasal cleasnisng) in addition with intense sadhna during the day to get maximum physical benefit and holistic experience .

  19. Ovadia Shekelstein

    Can I smoke cigarettes during the fast or na?

  20. put on the glasses

    Why does fasting "burn karma"?

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