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Alternative Functional Chinese Auricular Medicine Therapy Introduction 1 To The Western Medicine

Alternative Functional Chinese Auricular Medicine Therapy Introduction 1 To The Western Medicine

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  1. I have a friend with HIV/AIDS who got cured with this therapy. It is really mind blowing! All your past beliefs and concepts vanish after you start noticing the health benefits in this perfect medicine that your body is capable to produce itself. Our bodies abilities to heal and regenerate are far bigger than what we have been taught to believe.

  2. If I would be you, I wouldn't take any meds other than my own perfect medicine, my urine, and indeed, ALL OF IT. In an acute illness or condition like the one you mention, I would just go for it all, I am an "all or nothing" person, so I would go on a fast, a urine fast, as described in the book of John Armstrong "Water of Life", you should read it. The best treatise about Urine Therapy. You'll be fine, I'm praying for you ❤

  3. I witnessed a cure of acute cancer with Urine Therapy. The patient was a friend of mine and didn't want to quit chemo and meds, but was willing to do U.T. as well, so she combined the two with good results. Having seen the benefits of adding the urine to her treatment, she then slowly left the meds and continued only with her urine. Urine is the best way to get rid of the poisons of all those chemicals, for I would suggest to even start when you are taking them or want to clean your body of them

  4. Thank you so sweet trust me I think about stopping those pills every day I really do not like them and am not so sure if they even help so far the best results I've seen are piss.I am an all or nothing human too I suppose you have 2 be in order to go 4 the golden drink hard core but then again true my illness is too.And ya I have a bunch of? ile take your guidence really though need some sleep and youtube only allows a certain amount of talk ile befriend u on FB thank u so much.

  5. Let There Be Light

    I was introduced to Urine therapy in 1998, and found it works wonders for your health, it rejuvenates the skin and keeps the auric field clear, great story, thanks for sharing, :)

  6. Can drinking distilled water be as effective for cancer treatment?

  7. well, since I've been drinking distilled water for a year and a half now, and NO sodas, or booze, or coffe or packed or powdered juices, and became a vegetarian 5 years ago, and no junk food AT ALLmy urine , which I started taking foronly 3 months, tastes very nice to me. and no bad smell too…

  8. i cant believe it

  9. Yes :) I'm always very happy to share my experiences with urine therapy with everyone and be of inspiration or any kind of help. I've been emailing Matt already.

  10. Monica: please give me your email address. I have a ton of questions. ♥♥♥

  11. most of my life I have never heard of this therapy I was forced to search for new therapies to heal my CRPS and Chronic Lymes disease ….it took me a year myself … of saying I dont believe this… and it took me like 30 youtube testimonies and reading a few UT books…until I believed and had the courage to do Urine Therapy I will be doing this rest of my life..and feel I won the lotto !!! and no fear of starvation !! the best therapy for healing chronic lymes is urine therapy and ozone water

  12. yes many have healed cancer with distilled water… and distilled water ozonated with an ozone generator… can see videos on youtube about it… and also urine therapy helps heal cancer

  13. Impressive!

  14. Natalia has such beautiful skin!

  15. Mental Issues!!!!!!

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  17. not a sound practice

  18. Why bother with half-measures like urine?
    Just eat your own shit and be done with it.
    Same difference.

  19. I've been practicing this therapy for more than 18 years and I'm sharing my experiences with it in my You Tube channel… for the ones interested in knowing about it. :) You are free to come by and watch the videos I've made so far. I am not interested in selling anything, just sharing my own discoveries, in the hope that they could help others, as much as they helped me and many people in my life. :) ♡

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