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Dry socket is a common complication after mandibular wisdom tooth extraction, the etiology and pathogenesis of dry socket is not yet fully elucidated, multiple trauma and infection as the main reason, the principle of the treatment of dry socket debridement isolation to external stimuli, promote the growth of granulation tissue, the author nearly two decades of experience on 100 cases of dry socket treatment is as follows:

One. Prevention:

According to the etiology of mandibular wisdom teeth dry socket, the prevention of dry socket other than the addition to minimize the trauma, the most important thing is the lifetime of dental extraction wounds from the narrow dental extraction wounds, to maintain the presence of blood clots, promote blood circulation, prevent foreign, wound tight suture to prevent infection.

Two. Diagnostic criteria of dry socket:

Significant pain within a few days after the tooth extraction record, spread to the auriculotemporal or lower front teeth direction, taking analgesics is not valid in general, dental extraction wounds empty, cover the layer of decaying matter, the putrefaction special stench, dental extraction wounds alveolar bone exposure, very sensitive, graze, or can cause pain with cold stimuli.

Three. The treatment of dry socket:

Thorough debridement is extremely important for the treatment of dry socket, mandibular block anesthesia, forceps take a small cotton balls dipped in 3% hydrogen peroxide to clean it repeatedly alveolar wall, until the cotton balls to wipe the tooth invasive remove no longer a dirty color So far, the adhesion of Reset and scaling of the tooth socket after tooth extraction corruption necrosis thoroughly cleaned, washed with saline dental extraction wounds, and then use the clove oil iodoform gauze tight packing. Medical Education Network has collected

Four. Discussion:

Clove oil has obvious anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiseptic effect, iodoform corrosion, can promote the growth of granulation tissue, and isolated from external stimuli and to prevent food residues into the dental extraction wounds, to prevent a blood clot in the tooth wound destruction prompted into the outward growth of fibroblasts and capillaries from the surrounding healthy connective tissue, formation of granulation tissue within the tooth socket and healing because of poor treatment in the past ignored the eugenol iodoform gauze packing method and unnecessarily frequently swap gauze, I think: If you can complete debridement, the close packing of eugenol iodoform gauze, and it does not fall off (if necessary, suture), the vast majority of dry socket treatment once the pain disappears or basic disappear without medication, 8 to 10 days out of the box, eugenol iodoform gauze, and do not and can not be isolated to external stimuli, alveolar bony wall exposed, is not an effective analgesic, tight packing iodoform Deciduous teeth of the approach gauze does not interfere with wound drainage into the growth of granulation tissue, on the contrary, tight eugenol iodoform gauze packing can contribute to dry socket dental extraction wounds of early inflammation to subside and granulation tissue, eugenol iodoform gauze is easily obtained, good effect, to reduce the referral number of the local administration to avoid a variety of adverse reactions caused by systemic administration, easy to operate, safe, no side effects and received good treatment in clinical practice.

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