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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. I'm type 1 diabetic I'm thinking of doing my first water fast for 5days?

  2. For how many days should I do fasting? I don't have any medical  problems except, psoriasis and MS.

  3. I am looking to go on a Juice fast for 30 days. The only thing is I have very low blood pressure, its been that way all my life, I don't have any health problems, I am not overweight and and reasonably physically fit, I am more juice fasting to detoxify and for the health benefits. Is it safe to fast if my blood pressure is already extremely low as everything I read about fasting says it lowers blood pressure? I do get light headed now and then and get very dizzy from standing up to quickly. Anyone have any advice on if it would be ok to fast?

  4. Is this man a MD? Sounds like a bunch of pseudo-science to me.

  5. John, I found you on Youtube a few months ago because I wanted to get some ideas on growing my own vegetables. Learned a lot from Growing Your Greens, and lo and behold, I see you interview Goldhammer just now. Just a fantastic interview with him and about his mom and your mom and dad. You don't even know me, but I swear, I love you man.

  6. Seeing you emotional was touching. You can really see how much your family matters to you. Aww. Good job getting them to seek out some help.

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  8. Sandra The Vlogger (SandraTheVlogger)

    I love to fast! it makes me feel amazing during and after. I'm starting one this week which will last for 20 days. I do this to cleanse my body and help heal from the inside. I did a 21 day fast 3 years ago and NEVER gained the wait back. Maybe just 5 lbs. I kept the weight off by eating healthy. :)
    If you're interested in following my fast journey Subscribe to my channel as I will vlog about it! :)

  9. Did Alan sing for the B52's ???

  10. Awesome information. Thank you so much for this video John and Dr. Goldhamer. John you are a wonderful sensitive person, the love for your parents is of a son who really cares. I remember your testimony when you had skin problems, and I notice your face is so shiny with nice natural oils. 
    I would like to share that I'm fasting for spiritual purposes, there is so much to pray for. Every time we fast, we have seen wonderful things take place among those we minister to. John you called upon the Lord at one time, I would like to encourage you to find a Spirit Filled Christian Church (non-denominational). With all of your knowledge and if you are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit…wow you'd have even more to offer those in need. God bless!

  11. Great to see water fasting medically endorsed, so sad it's still underrated.

  12. Can someone please tell me why on a water fast so much water weight is lost when all your drinking is water ?

  13. GREAT Video!

  14. Great info! I like his calm demeanor. I'm on day 2 of my 3 day fast and his soothing voice helped me calm down and tune in. :)

  15. Excellent video! Love Dr. Goldhamer. Love True North! Lots of great info. Very touching at the end. God Bless.

  16. When will you get off medication, John?! Herbs, and any intake into a body as medicine. No intakes for healing.

  17. Very touching to see you care so much for your parents and not only that but everyone. John Kolher you truly are a special person. You must have went through your illness for a reason and I truly believe it is to do Gods work and be a service for so so many! God bless and keep on keeping on! <3

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