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A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

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  1. My Dad was a D.O. He was harassed, too. His testimony was instrumental in validating the practice of Osteopathic medicine. Why is it we have to fight so hard for the real practice of medicine? The pharmaceutical industry operates like the Mafia.

  2. Excellent Info, thanks

  3. You will never fully eliminate the cause of cancer, until you go on "strategic water fast" and detox your system. By strategic I mean, going on a 20-30 day water fast, but after week 1 or 2 you must start ingesting small amounts of cancer killing agents (like turmeric, liposomal vitamin C, medicinal mushrooms, wheat grass juice etc.. etc..) along with your "chlorine and fluoride free" water.

    I found out the effectiveness of this method when I went on my 30 day water fast. After 25 days of only water, I ingested a minuet finger tip amount of cayenne pepper put on the end of my tongue. I immediately (within seconds) felt the "burn" sensation travel literally throughout my entire body. This is an experience I had never felt before when ingesting cayenne pepper. And 5 days later when I broke my fast (on raw fruits and vegetables only), I found I was feeling a charge of energy every time I ate. A sensation that has diminished as my system became toxic again

    I came to the conclusion that the beneficial chemicals in natural foods work miracles when your system has been detoxed before hand. In fact I read oncologists in Europe are having great success killing cancer with mega doses of IV vitamin C and fasting. The cancer is starved when on the fast, then when vitamin C is added, the cancer soaks up the vitamin C like a sponge and dies. [Note: you can make your own liposomal vitamin C at home, that is more effective than IV vitamin C]

    You can have success killing cancer cells with natural remedies alone. However the cause of the cancer will still persist, and cancer may return if you do not detox your system of these cancer causing substances

  4. Our air is ruined, our water is ruined, our food is ruined.  Who is doing this?  The Jewish owned corporations.  The Jewish owned government of the USA.  They don't care a whit about humanity, they care about domination, control and death to everyone else for profits.  Read their Talmud.

  5. Thank you for the video will share best I can. Got the message I hope.

     Chemotherapy and radiation has killed many more people than caner has
    because it kills cancer cells and good cells, in so doing destroying our
    immunities leaving one open to all kinds of health conditions. So
    what's new. This is mentioned in numerous medical books, that there have
    been natural cures for cancer for centuries, see The Germ That Causes
    Cancer An Easy-Reading Handbook. Dough A. Kaufmann. Have you noticed
    since GMO foods hit the market and processed foods the increase in
    cancer is more now than ever before, also people have become obese,
    especially this is true in USA and Australia and Europe. If menagerie
    for example, had one more chemical it would be plastic; have you noticed
    it never goes off. Not to mention most foods are laced with sugar, and
    what does cancer like to feed on, that's right you guessed it sugar.

    But why does eating beef cause cancer. It is because 50% of USA grain goes to feed cattle for slaughter. That corn is second grade, and contains mould and what does cancer like to feed on, fungus. Also cattle are filled with hormones.

    Cancer cannot live in oxygen so exercise is very important to keep one oxygenated. That is why smoking is not good it takes oxygen out of the blood cells. All tobacco is stored and yes you have guessed contains mould. It also contains many chemicals. No disrespect to the smoker intended it is hard habit to break even if you choose to do so. Just as hard to quite coffee and tea. Those drinks make one thirsty because they are diuretics, make you need the toilet a lot, as do most supermarket drinks, and leave you dehydrated. Dehydration is a main cause of ill health. Most people are aware when one is dehydrated you are open to infections. Water is best drink off all and is more or less free. Recommended amount 2.5 litres a day. If more people would drink more water it would cut health problems by half. But drugs industry of course wouldn't like that.

    Most drugs that are taken are given to fight the symptoms instead of the cause. Antibiotics yes have saved many lives granted but today are given out too readily so after a while the immunity system is weakened. If you are into good health and nutrition see Barbara O'Neill:

  6. I was not able to see all the episodes and i am looking for a Hospital or Clinic in LATVIA, Europe tha use a ''good virus' to kill cancer I WILL LIKE TO KNOW ITS NAME PLACE clinic, (citry..) AND NAME OF THE ""VIRUS"" or whatever is used. 'RE…??? Thank you.

  7. thank you for the information.

  8. does anyone knws anything or the results for DR. BURZYSKI trial ? what happened to him?

  9. Good job guys. The only real "awareness" about cancer is how corrupt the cancer industry is.

  10. Homeopathy? No. Just no. $77? No to that too.

  11. It is true about forcing you to give your children chemo and other forms of treatments that you may not approve of. My sister lost her 8 year old daughter in August of 2015 to complications from leukemia treatments. If she did not approve of the treatments they suggested for her daughter the doctors threatened her with the DHS and even would bring DHS in so she would comply. DHS even came to check my sister's family out once because she called and said they would not be in this week, but she would come in next week instead because she did not have money for gasoline to make the trip. My sister just couldn't let them take her baby, so she complied. Her little girl needed her mama and family. We were there the day she breathed her last breath. We were told there was a 98% chance of recovery. I'm sure many children live through the cancer treatments because of the 98% recovery statements, but I did not see any around me.


    Cancer will die

  13. Why must Tx always be the last to approve anything? CANNABIS oil will not be available till 2017 here.So i have to sit and wait stupid Gov

  14. MY Aunt died from Cancer on the 5 June 2015

  15. Danai Moraiti (danai2014)

    Thanks a lot!!!

  16. we need a great leader, someone who cant be bought, someone who truly cares about the common well being of humanity to expose the lies and deceit of the pharmaceutical companies. if someone doesn't set humanity free of the of all the lies, greed and deceit will enslave us all. its atrocious how many "doctors" are unethically making money at the expense of others health and lives. this is why i gave up on medical school.

  17. I would bet the "thumbs down" are those in the medical or pharmaceutical profession.

  18. stop using nazi's to compare

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    I recently saw several doctors (not for cancer but something else) and they were all completely shit. They were only interested in making money, not helping me. And they didn't know what they were doing.  They were all stupid and ignorant. Try your best to never get sick because the doctors and hospitals are just a fucking joke in most cases. I spend a lot of time learning about nutrition, natural remedies, and how to improve my health. I don't want to ever see another doctor again if I can possibly help it.

  20. Boring … I watched the trailer that is linked off Facebook now I am halfway through this one and I still haven't learnt anything or heard your solution. What is it? Have you got anything new beyond, Cannabis oil, unprocessed fruits & vegetables, forgiveness, meditation? Seriously if you have good solutions how about communicating them instead of boring the fuck out of us with all the reasons why the past happened? Why doesn't matter. HOW matters!

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