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A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

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  1. Hi could someone please spell for me the :"mor" essential oil (the doc talking about in 56:44 minutes) i googled it , and wasn't able to find it.
    Thank you

  2. My brother lost his battle with cancer on Monday. Schools should speak more about this or present your videos to educate and bring awareness <3 Thanks for your video.

  3. Job well done. An excellent work. If people only heard the truth they could have free from slavery long ago. But most of them are reluctant to accept the truth. Thanks for your great efforts. Hope it will help people to wake up who are nothing but walking dead!

  4. The Truth About Cancer is, it is a global pandemic and the government isn't making any effort to produce a cure as cancer "treatment" is the main source of revenue for capitalist societies.

  5. I am having trouble with trying to find a place that does breast thermography. Calling my doctor and explaining that I will not be getting any more mammograms and want this instead, was an experience. The nurse sounded shocked and confused. She had never even heard of breast thermography, or even thermography! Sad. The hospital near me doesn't do this type of test, so I may have to drive across the state line into Missouri. Ridiculous.

  6. Complete misinformation. You'll learn the hard way, I suppose.

  7. I find this series very informative however, I have been trying to watch them starting with Episode 1 and on. I have found different episodes labeled as Episode 2 and so on – why can't they be properly titled to people don't get mixed up.

  8. In answer to your question – first, I was not aware there was also a series last year because The Truth About Cancer was just brought to my attention. Maybe labeling them as such: Episode 1 – 2014, Episode 1 – 2015 would help those of us who are new to the site. It is imperative I get to watch the series – is there some way I can purchase the DVD's – I definitely watched two different "Episode 2's"

  9. Hi, my mom has been diagnosed with cancer, but to know the type, doctors are saying to do a Biopsy. But I have read that Biopsy is not safe. So what should be done? Please share if you have any information :)

  10. Information to put ones mind at reast in episode 1 and 2 and are both complimentary . Looking forward to viewing episode 3. You your Dr. and Health Expert friends Ty are great teachers and I feel their passion through out the series . Thank You for all that you are doing for Humanity Mr. Bollinger PS your family was touched wiht cancer and so was mine . We all need to know the truth together.

  11. I had a doctor "TRY" to create fear in me that I had breast cancer. He had even diagnosed me with it prior to the tests. The tech even said to me "You are taking this well" . Little did I know until that moment I was 'diagnosed' with breast cancer. The fear that one tries to instill is horrifying . Fortunately I don't buy into fear or believe him.This doc went so far to threaten me to get surgery ASAP and schedule the appointment with the surgeon. Fortunately the surgeon was on vacation. When he came back he said I DID NOT HAVE BREAST CANCER. I have been discharged from 4 gynecologists as a non compliant patient because I refuse to do what they say, including an emergency hysterectomy avoided about 8 yrs ago. I did not need one! Ladies think for yourself. Do your research.

  12. Blessings to All here and there!!!

  13. Health is a Choice!

    Fungus likes sugar… Fungus is what spreads, colonizes, metastasizes. Cancer cells are your cells that cannot breathe (Dr. Otto Warburg). Kill the Fungus and your cells can breathe and will divide correctly. (

  14. Let's the people spread the truth! Lets the people heal each other. Don't count on big pharma to save you!

  15. These are some of the best videos I have ever seen on this subject.

  16. Whats that old song that goes "If it was good enough for Jesus its good enough for me" i think i totaly agree with that about frankinsence and Mhur awesome knowledge keep tellin it

  17. Disappointing :( For someone who goes on and on about conspiracy and hidden information these videos are extremely one-sided. Many of the "experts" are not experts at all and they are trying to "make a buck" just like they accuse the medical industry of doing. Sadly, comments are made about "proven" and "researched" with no actual reasearch to back it up. This is just one of the so-called experts ….

    From Wikipedia
    Natural News (formerly NewsTarget) is a website founded and operated by Mike Adams. It is based in Cedar Creek, Texas.[2]

    It is dedicated to the sale of various dietary supplements, promotion of alternative medicine, controversial nutrition and health claims,[3] and various conspiracy theories,[4] such as "chemtrails", the purported dangers of fluoride in drinking water[5] (as well as those of monosodium glutamate[6] and aspartame), and purported health problems caused by allegedly "toxic" ingredients in vaccines,[3] including the now-discredited link to autism.[7]

    Characterized as a "conspiracy-minded alternative medicine website", Natural News has approximately 7 million unique visitors per month.[8] Founder Mike Adams has been accused of using sockpuppet accounts to fraudulently increase the vote count in his self-nomination for a Shorty Award. The journal Vaccine accused Adams of spreading "irresponsible health information" through Natural News.[9] He has also been accused of using "pseudoscience to sell his lies".[10]

    Its founder, Michael Allen "Mike" Adams is an AIDS denialist, a 9/11 truther, a birther,[11] and has endorsed conspiracy theories surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.[12]

  18. Thank you all & the men & women behind the sense !! I have Philadelphia crom 22 leukemia my oncologist ' s said he doesn't have a clue why this happens ! I'v been doing my own reach ! I juiced first then went raw plant basic ! Now in August of this year I started ketoginic life and what a difference I feel amazing I'm off both my blood pressure pills " I was told I would be on the rest of my life ' WRONG " I was on Gleevack 400 mg every 12 hours at first then I was put on Tasigna 400 mg every 12 hours ! I don' t have health ins so I have not seen my oncologist in 6 mouths ! I just went 3/12 weeks a go ! He was not happy I cut my Tasigna to once every 12 hours " he said do you want to die? I said no but I knew I would not have enough meds to last me so I though 1/2 would be better than being out of it . He looked at my blood work he had and said it looks good BUT the truth will be in two weeks when the rest comes back ! He'll give me a call if it's not good !! NO PHONE !!!!!!!

  19. there are natural herbs that heal. i know this.

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