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Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

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  1. thank you

  2. This would be great if you left God out of it..You say God way to much…

  3. Always so healing and therapeutic. Nightly vacay for the mind……

  4. loved it. good work. you are an angle. thank you sweet lady.

  5. Cornelius Perdue Perdue

    Excellent thanks

  6. I found myself repeating the same words being said before they were said. I am in complete alignment! Thank you for this! I am blessed!

  7. This meditation is actually from the early 1900s. I have the original copy that was a set of six short meditations printed so people could carry them easliy. My great-grandmother used them regularly. The words are identical, but presented here as one flowing meditation instead of six individual ones. She does a great job using them as narration.


  9. i didn't know this would be religious, no thanks

  10. Iam diggin it…completely…thank you!

  11. I couldn't wait for this video to end. What a waste of time. This shit has never worked once.

  12. thank you

  13. I thought this was nice till the swoosh at the end startled me out of sleep.

  14. Dear Goddess, Thank you

  15. Preach less, learn more

  16. Stopped listening the moment they made it about God. To me, spirituality is secular. Religion clogs up free thinking.

  17. Does anyone know the music playing in the beginning when Kelly is explaining about this video? The women's voices are beautiful and would love to listen to a full track of it.

  18. Music at 1:20?

  19. CAR0L FERNANDEZstarlovepoet

    Same proplems as CDS I bought, music drowning out voice son cannot hear words. Disappointing and ill afforded money no use, sorry.

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