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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. But what about vitamin c?

  2. I fast from 4:15 till 8:36 and I'm still 8

  3. I know this post is old,but if you get this could you please tell me if fasting 12 hours a day would be ok or from 8pm to 12 midday.

  4. Loren, I developed some food intolerances and want to try a shorter 4 day fast on my own.  For refeeding and reintroducing foods, I saw you recommend a little bit of watermelon.  However, I think I have a food allergy to watermelon.  Should I still eat watermelon?

  5. Most Africans do not have the chance of going to Costa Rica and filming nice videos and they do fast almost al their lives: don't mess up business and health, man!.

  6. is it ok to take apple cider vinegar while doing a water fast?

  7. HI Loren- Really appreciate all you have shared about fasting here on Youtube! So in this video you explain what happens on a fast as far as the body's stages of finding fuel, in the absence of nutrients. My question is If someone is on a very low calorie diet wherein there is not enough fuel supplied for each days activity, will the body do something similar as it does with water fasting? In other words, would it go through the same process as in water fasting only slower or not? where would it get its extra fuel needed? thanks for your response.

  8. Hi. I'm considering a water fast and read that once your body begins burning fat it comes to a point where it goes back to using muscle as a source even if there's still fat available. At what point does this occur and is there a way to prevent it? How does it get switched back to burning fat again? Does your program incorporate this into is planning?

  9. You clearly don't know jack SHIT about science or biology because your muscles are the first source of glycogen that your body will be going for. And THEN your liver. Your muscles are the largest source of glycogen. This "process doesn't happen this way" when eating nutrients because you're not STARVING your body. You're such a fucking idiot and don't deserve to be in charge of any kind of "wellness center".

  10. Loren is absolutely wrong about glucose …. after glycogen is metabolized the sugar comes from the glycerol of a triglyceride from your adipose tissue. See Dr. Jerome Fung, M.D.

  11. The only thing I disagree with is the idea that glycogen is first depleted and then muscle is broken down for glucose prior to fat burning. This is contradictory to the evolutionary survival mechanism. Glycogen is specifically stored for fight or flight. There's no logic from a survival standpoint of having a puny 10-12 hour storage tank of glucose that is used up under normal circumstances. If you use that up during normal functioning and then a tiger chases you, you're dead. If you do vigorous exercise, then yes, you'll use up your glycogen, but that's because the body interprets that as fight or flight.

    Consistent with this, during one's overnight fast, provided you are not insulin resistant or metabolically challenged, once you've used up the glucose from your last meal you'll convert to fat burning and the brain will begin using ketones for energy. No animal breaks down its own muscle before it burns fat–that's antithetical to survival.

    I do agree about the nutrients. The whole reason we have become so obsessed with nutrients is because processed foods deplete them so rapidly. As Loren states, a fast actually resolves this issue.

  12. +Loren Lockman can you drink teas while fasting?

  13. any water just put lemon in

  14. Hi Loren,
    You say the intake of nutrients through prevents the cleansing process to take place, or rather that it makes it happen differently than through the stages you describe. I'm currently doing a 7 days fast where I drink 2L of herb infused mineral water (never more than 5 teaspoons herbs per 500mL water), 200mL homemade apple juice and some more pure water per day. I would think that given such small quantity of nutrients my body would still need to go into the reserves to provide itself with energy. I assume I am undergoing a cleasing process. What do you think about that? Do you think a certain level of cleansing takes place, even if not optimal, or not at all?
    Thanks in advance

  15. what does it mean when you lose hair while fasting? would it grow back following a fruit diet after ?

  16. Does this break down of muscle tissue into sugar for the body occur during Intermittent Fasting? where the maximum time you are fasted is 16-23 hours??? I'm liking intermittent fasting but I also wanna gain some muscle.

  17. what if you work out and you ve been fasting isn't that harmful?

  18. why did he cut it off so abrubptly

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