The Pain of Sports: Foot and Ankle Injuries

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The pain can sometimes be so severe that you can&;t put weight on your foot. 2. Tendonitis of the Foot and Ankle. The tendons in the feet … The signs of this condition includes your ankle “giving away” while you&39;re walking, standing or doing another …
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Heel pain a common foot ailment
In Sever&39;s disease (calcaneal apophysitis) the growth plate in the back of the heel becomes irritated from new shoes or perhaps an increase in athletic activity. This pain occurs in the back of the heel, not the underside of the heel. This condition is …
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Why there&39;s nothing more painful than a child growing up
"Sever&39;s disease, also called calcaneal apophysitis, is a painful bone disorder that results from inflammation of the growth plate in the heel." It is most … The 12-year-old looks intrigued, and quite chuffed, to discover he has a proper medical …

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