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Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

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  1. Hi there, love the informative video, personally i love using crystals in my meditations, i have a few videos on my channel of my Small Crystal collection, where i discuss Lucid Dreaming, Obes and much much more. Subscribed to you, love to get one back. God bless. 

  2. Aakash Dahal (Kash)

    Thanks Tom , I've been practicing Mindfulness and Imaginary Meditation mostly but I didn't realized it till now . Its amazing, I've been feeling that everything is connected these days . Like everything is one . haha its so huge. 😀 😀 THANKS !

  3. I always enjoy +Tom Von Deck videos! I talk about similare stuff on my channel so I really enjoy hearing it from other perspectives. Check my channel out if you get time bro!

    Great video!!!

  4. Thank you for this very down to earth and direct explanation of meditations!!  ;)

  5. Interest Attention Concentration Meditation and Samadhi. Those are the sequence of practices or steps that ultimately leads one to quiet the mind sufficiently enough to "see" or "experience" one's own spirit or soul, which is the purpose of meditation. Beyond that is the practice that leads to the merging of the soul with the Cosmic Consciousness or what most people refer to as "God". One masters each step before moving onto the next type step. If one has not mastered the art of paying attention (awareness, mindfulness) one cannot successfully practice Concentration.  And without Concentration one cannot meditate. Those are practices on objects, sounds, thoughts, feelings, emotions, abstractions etc., all outside the soul. That is, related to the body, senses and mind.  Only when one is able to still the body, control and shut the senses, and finally quiet the mind at will and for extended periods of time, can one begin to the practice of meditation which will lead to samadhi and beyond.

  6. Your voice is amazing. Thank you for the teachings Tom.

  7. your voice matches the statue haha

  8. You sound like an audiobook reader :)

  9. Excellent video, Tom. Probably the best I have seen. I use exactly this approach to move through to the egoless state. The meditator just has to keep at it, and will eventually forget about self-reflection, and experience pure consciousness. It just requires the resolve to keep going. Thanks.

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