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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. I don't get how you could be at risk for a heart attack if you regularly eat meat, then do a 36-hr water fast.  Can someone elaborate please?

  2. YAY!  Dan loves Swami Sivinanda, Jesus, AND Buddha….so do I!  Dan is smart!

  3. Dan, I have been praying and praying for help in jumping off the Refined Sweets/Coffee train.  I actually OWN the Essene Gospel of Peace. Dan. I had never read the book.  You're right.  In Jesus' day, people fasted a lot.  For spiritual purposes.  I am a wreck.  Because of what i've been eating.  It's brought me down into depression,and lessened my spiritual light considerably.  I feel and am starting to look awful.  I quit coffee for 7 days, but then began drinking it again.  I've been thinking the only way to fix myself is to go to a controlled environment like an ashram, but I want to start NOW.   I'm so glad I tuned into your videos.  I just "got it."  I've been telling myself that it's a mental task, to get myself onto the right track, but until I saw this video, I didn't understand that it was a SPIRITUAL task, as well.  I have fasted a lot, but somehow, a coffee addiction took over my life, as I turned to caffeine (in the form of cappuccinno) to subdue migraine headaches.  Thank you for being honest and genuine.  Spirituality is EVERYTHING to me, and I understand that eating healthfully is not just about food.  You understand the holistic aspect of living.  Blessings to you. I appreciate what you have learned, on your own, and have had the bravery to share with us. 

  4. Awesome Awesome Awesome DTM!!!! I heard some things that blew open my heart and mind! I get it now….getting all of that cooked food out of the way creates the space to connect with source.  

  5. Dan, I tried it today:  I CHOSE TO SUFFER, and it worked!  I am super appreciative to you for throwing me a life line.  You got me back on path.  I love you.  You are the best!  When I woke up today, I saw my error:  I had forgotten about the body, mind & spirit connection, and the need to temper our eating habits.  We have to respect the Vehicle–the temple of the living god–which is our spirit.  I was trying for a very long time to find a good way to eat that would not be fattening, and trying to compromise between the little child in me, and the adult, but I could not find the secret–until I watched this video.  You totally scored, when you said that we must turn away from the world, and choose to suffer–for spiritual introspection.  I realized that eating the Standard American Diet was like declaring war on my body.  I noticed once, when I cut my finger, that it healed, as if by magic.  Ten days later, I couldn't even remember the pain, or see evidence that there had been damage.  Then I realized that the body is a true miracle worker, that it is constantly valiantly doing its job, sorting though all of the garbage that we eat, the pesticides that we eat, the air pollution that we breathe, the alcohol that we drink, the drugs that we take, to keep us healthy.  It is like our Mother, silently slaving away, for our benefit.  How can we fight against the Vehicle that gives us life? You helped me recognize that I was being irresponsible, and that I was being disrespectful to my LIFE, in general, by consuming garbage.  Suddenly, this morning, I wanted to begin eating in a spiritual way, in order to keep my mind clear, and to keep my body light, which will make me free.  I regained the body/mind/spirit connection.  I know you have a million fans, and that you might not even read this, but I want you to know that you really helped me.  Thank you, Dan.  

  6. READ THE GOSPEL OF PEACE!!!!! :-) You are AWESOME. SO appreciate you!!! Thank you!

  7. Haven't seen an arnold ehret book since my early 20's at one time I owned the entire collection and practiced his teachings


  8. love it the true of all true unlocik from the matrix you know what i am saying  # 1

  9. Phraseghost Publishing, LLC

    thank you, Dan – you're an effective teacher with a huge heart – i've been learning from you for years now and appreciate you – namaste brother

  10. Phraseghost Publishing, LLC

    47:45  love it – go Dan!

  11. do you work out while you fast, any light exercise ?

  12. great stuff Dan!namaste :)

  13. Read the scriptures, that was amazing!

  14. Great wisdom talk, waking me up to fasting

  15. Ever try fasting on urine?

  16. read the gospel of peace:D

  17. Thanks Dan I'm so grateful for your service , This video was AMAZING ! I looked this up while I was on day three of a water fast and this really helped me and inspired me to keep going, Thanks so much for sharing all this information you are helping many , keep striving forward my friend , All the best Tom.

  18. And also educated the crap out of me ! to get the crap out of me !

  19. This was great, Phil Jackson said "Adversity introduces a man to himself." keep posting.  abrollerblade

  20. I love this man, I really do. Please don't ever stop talking Dan, your words and wisdom and love and kindness travels so much farther than you can ever imagine.

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