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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. i am fasting and i am watching a lot of youtube to make the time pass.
    is this ok?   it really helps to be distracted this way.  and as soon as i take
    a break, i focus on how tired and weak i feel and get very discouraged/scared.
    on day 3 now.

  2. is it ok to fast if i have mercury fillings?   i only have one.

  3. This isn't spam. Truly and really. There's no better water than Structured Water if you can't get fresh spring water straight from the source where the water dances over the rocks! I'm EAGER to learn about FASTING and think I was led here! Thank you, Judy

  4. barring what you said about the transition process from eating to fasting…is there a gender effect…since the female culture is usually kitchen based in societies as opposed to males not being anchored to the kitchen…do you think that fasting…as biblically said…is true…paul said…some things leave only by fasting and prayer

  5. So when you fast you won't see the results until 6 weeks after the fast? Would I start growing taller after fasting?

  6. So how long is this fasting period before the benefits begin?

  7. Very informative.

  8. I made up an Ironic acronym for for my fasting and eating habits. FEER Fasting Exercising Eating Repeating. Basically a 24hr water fast with vitamins, tea, and a choice of fruit in the morning but go the rest of 24hrs w/out eating. During the water fast I exercise, yoga, jog, and a mildly intense workout routine. Drinking water and tea keeps me hydrated to do so. Also notice meditation, whether I have time after exercising or even in the evening before bed, when you go a day w/out a meal and are hydrated and conscious you can have a blissful session of peace. When I wake up the next morning, tea and yoga then commit to 2 meals a day to consume calories within an intermittent fasting period then repeat the cycle, results are pretty blissful. :)

  9. When I fast I feel full of energy, alert and fresh. My sleep is much more efficient and once I wake up I'm ready to go.
    I fast 2-3 times a week for 36 hours water only. I've been doing since May and I'm glad I chose to do it.

  10. 3 seconds in and want to close… More scientific less spiritual fella.

  11. can you go to work while fasting?

  12. was that 52 or 62?

  13. How long does he suggest to fast?

  14. shiftingthebalance

    I've listened to concerns from clients that the water pH at Tanglewood water fast is acidic 4.5. I've also heard people have adverse effects after their fast. Can you comment on the pH of the water and the consequences of fasting with only acidic water?

  15. Hello! I started "fasting" yesterday, but I'm only fasting on meat. I'm not consuming any meat, or eggs. Im eating everything else, including lactose, fruit, vegetables, herbs and grains. Will I see any of those benefits you are talking about?
    P.s. I'm fasting this way because I'm breastfeeding a 1 yr old… I'm kind of practicing for when I'm done breastfeeding. Is this even considered fasting? Thank you!

  16. toad g, I can't reply below your comment which means you might want to check your settings… No, two 14 day fasts are not equivalent to one fast of 28 days. Each time we break the fast the body must start over again next time, moving through a multistep process. It takes 10-11 days to be fully into the deepest part of the process so fasting 14 days one is just barely getting started with that. We break the fast and then next time, must move through the same first 10-11 days again. It's like wanting to walk to a place 20 miles away but going 10 miles, then magically being transported home again, and doing the same 10 miles again. No matter how many times you do this you will never achieve what you could have if you had gone 20 miles in one go.

  17. What are your thoughts on the Muslim fast (one month with no food/drink in daylight) as oposed to the water fast? Do you think they have the same effect? I personally feel very healthy, light and good functioning after it.

  18. what about hair?

  19. I would like to know if fasting can help me with my anxiety

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