Taming the itch that just won't quit

the that won&;t
These include difficult to resolve ear infections, ongoing rashes, Staph bacterial and/or yeast skin infections, anal itching, facial rubbing, or foot licking. I teach clients the phrase “Ears and rears … think food allergy first” because the …
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Anal bleaching on the rise in Vancouver
Anal bleaching is mocked in the movie Bridesmaids when Kristen Wiig&39;s character disses a fellow wedding-party member by accusing her of paying someone to achieve a perfectly uniform skin tone down there. Maya Rudolph&39;s Lillian fires back, saying that …
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Dr Le Fanu&39;s online health clinic, Friday 21st August 2015
Thanks for your query about that episodic anal pain, aka (as you may be aware) proctalgia fugax – caused by spasm (or cramp) of muscles of the anal canal. The cause is unknown and treatment difficult because the episodes are intermittent and of short …
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