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New medicines ‘should prevent not just treat disease’

Leading doctors say the NHS must prepare for much greater use of #medicines to #prevent rather than #just #treat #disease. The Academy of Medical Sciences says personalised medicines tailored to the individual present a “great opportunity” to protect health. It says this is the way public health #should go. But ...

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How to Treat Juvenile Arthritis


How to #Treat #Juvenile #Arthritis Have you noticed your youngster complaining about sore joints and having difficulty moving them? They appear to be stiff and you have noticed some swelling? It’s easy to write these types of symptoms off to just plain old bumps and bruises or even growing pains. ...

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How To Treat Brain Tumors


How To #Treat #Brain #Tumors However, few maladies manage to both simultaneously confound researchers in their mystery, yet hold such promise for the cure and management as prominently as brain tumors. There is strong belief that some significant breakthroughs in brain tumor treatment may only be 4-6 years away. Medical ...

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