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How frying is ‘HEALTHIER than boiling

#Frying vegetables in extra virgin olive oil increases antioxidants in them Transfers phenols from the oil to the vegetables during cooking process Phenols and antioxidants are thought to help prevent #cancer and diabetes Experts warn frying does increase calorie content, at the same time Budding chefs eager to cook up ...

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Move over kale! Black raspberries are the new superfood on the block: Fruit ‘shows greater ability to fight heart disease, cancer and stroke than better-known cousins’

#Black #raspberries have three times as many antioxidants as other berries They also have 1,000% more phenolics and anthocyanins as other berries These fruits lower your risk of #heart #disease, arthritis, #cancer and #stroke They also have more secondary metabolites – proven to improve health It’s long been known that ...

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