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Blackcurrants may lower diabetes risk

Researchers carried out study at the University of Aberdeen Believe that antioxidants in the fruit affect how body breaks down carbs ‘Reduce amount of sugar that ends up in the bloodstream after eating’ Can eating #blackcurrants cut the #risk of #diabetes in people who are overweight? That’s the thinking behind ...

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Sleeping in on weekends may help reduce diabetes risk

(Reuters Health) – Getting too little sleep during the week can increase some #risk factors for #diabetes, but #sleeping late on #weekends might #help improve the picture, a small U.S. study suggests. Researchers conducted a sleep experiment with 19 healthy young men and found just four nights of sleep deprivation ...

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Chinese herbal medicine may decrease mortality risk for chronic HBV

#Chinese #herbal medications improved all-cause #mortality among Taiwanese patients with #chronic hepatitis B virus infection, according to published findings. “Traditional Chinese medicines have been used in China for more than [2,000] years and are being used increasingly worldwide. Chinese herbal medicines [are] still used extensively for the treatment [of hepatitis ...

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risk of death,acquired immunodeficiency syndrome,human immunodeficiency Virus,hypogammaglobulinemia


#risk of death,acquired #immunodeficiency syndrome,human immunodeficiency Virus,hypogammaglobulinemia The acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a plague that has taken over the world. Acquired means that people can get infected, immunodeficiency means that it weakens the body’s immunity and syndrome means that it causes many health problems once people acquire it. The ...

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