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Brain-dead California government: Fukushima radiation is safe, but Aloe vera might give you cancer

Jan. 26, 2016(NaturalNews) Americans have every reason not to trust incompetent #government authorities, especially when that government disregards the threat of cancer-causing radioactive elements in the water. Americans have every reason to despise a government that lies to the public and says that #Aloe #vera and goldenseal root are #cancer ...

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Diets never work? It’s not your fault: You may just need to eat ice cream instead, as new research shows we all get slim with different foods

Standard dietary advice is that some #foods are fattening and some aren’tBut study finds people’s bodies react very differently to the same foods Remarkable findings made by researchers at Weizmann Institute in Tel Aviv Most people find most #diets don’t #work for them. That’s why the diet industry is so ...

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Blackcurrants may lower diabetes risk

Researchers carried out study at the University of Aberdeen Believe that antioxidants in the fruit affect how body breaks down carbs ‘Reduce amount of sugar that ends up in the bloodstream after eating’ Can eating #blackcurrants cut the #risk of #diabetes in people who are overweight? That’s the thinking behind ...

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Alzheimer’s ’cause’ discovered: Poisonous algae found in UK freshwater lakes and reservoirs could be fuelling dementia epidemic afflicting one million people

It is the first direct evidence that a chemical, produced by #algae, might be linked to devastating brain conditions Scientists have #discovered the toxin in seafood and plants, through which it is feared it is entering the food chain Researchers highlighted a growing body of evidence that the toxin, named ...

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Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae: an interview with Dr. Michael Dudley


#Interview conducted by April Cashin-Garbutt, MA (Cantab) insights from industryDr. #Michael #DudleySenior Vice President & Head, Research & Development,Infectious Diseases Global Innovation Group,The Medicines Company, San Diego, CA. The views, opinions and statements expressed in this interview are solely those of Dr. Michael Dudley. They do not necessarily reflect the ...

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How frying is ‘HEALTHIER than boiling

#Frying vegetables in extra virgin olive oil increases antioxidants in them Transfers phenols from the oil to the vegetables during cooking process Phenols and antioxidants are thought to help prevent #cancer and diabetes Experts warn frying does increase calorie content, at the same time Budding chefs eager to cook up ...

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