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Diets never work? It’s not your fault: You may just need to eat ice cream instead, as new research shows we all get slim with different foods

Standard dietary advice is that some #foods are fattening and some aren’tBut study finds people’s bodies react very differently to the same foods Remarkable findings made by researchers at Weizmann Institute in Tel Aviv Most people find most #diets don’t #work for them. That’s why the diet industry is so ...

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New medicines ‘should prevent not just treat disease’

Leading doctors say the NHS must prepare for much greater use of #medicines to #prevent rather than #just #treat #disease. The Academy of Medical Sciences says personalised medicines tailored to the individual present a “great opportunity” to protect health. It says this is the way public health #should go. But ...

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Taming the itch that just won't quit

#Taming the #itch that #just won't #quit These include difficult to resolve ear infections, ongoing rashes, Staph bacterial and/or yeast skin infections, anal itching, facial rubbing, or foot licking. I teach clients the phrase “Ears and rears … think food allergy first” because the … Read more on Lima Ohio ...

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