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Ginger: The Superman Against Breast Cancer

The Biological Sciences Department, Faculty of Sciences at the King Abdul Aziz University in Saudi Arabia conducted a research on the #ginger plant (also known as Zingiber officinale) and observed that its extract can inhibit growth and proliferation of #breast #cancer cells. Unlike traditional anticancer treatment, normal cells are not ...

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3 longevity herbs for the new year

In the various healing traditions around the world, certain #herbs are deemed #longevity-enhancers by virtue of their numerous #health benefits. This #year I have four longevity herbs to watch and use, based on established and new science and breakthroughs over the past 2015 year. Schizandra has been used extensively in ...

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Top 10 Detox Programs

Have you made up your mind to go on a #detox program but don’t quite know how to get started? Well, there are many detox #programs out there these days and most of them claim to offer the same #health benefits. These include boosting your energy levels, improved mental focus ...

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Top 10 Healthy Foods for Kids


Finding #healthy #foods for #kids can be tedious and making them eat that food is even more struggling. Children like to eat whatever is colorful, tasty, sugary and quickly available when they are hungry. It’s one of the greatest challenges faced by parents to keep healthy and balanced food available ...

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