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6 Sure-Fire Tips to Prevent Glaucoma Naturally

by Dr. Mercola Natural Ways to Lower Your Eye Pressure You do have another option, though, as surprising as it may sound the same lifestyle changes that lower blood pressure typically also work to lower your eye pressure, thereby helping to prevent and even treat glaucoma without a risk of ...

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Breathing Exercises for Better Sex | Shape Magazine

Deep breathing seems simple enough, but mastering the art of inhales and exhales could… MORE Mirel Ketchiff | Dec 01, 2015 Topics: sex advice, meditation Deep breathing is amazing. In fact, if everything we’ve heard is true, breathing exercises can help you look younger, reduce stress, and boost energy. And according to ...

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Smoking ‘linked to earlier menopause’ – BBC News

Comparing smokers with women who had never smoked, researchers found those who said they smoked heavily (more than 25 cigarettes a day) were likely to have faced the menopause 18 months earlier than non-smokers.   And non-smokers who had experienced many years of exposure to passive smoke – for example ...

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