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Alzheimer’s ’cause’ discovered: Poisonous algae found in UK freshwater lakes and reservoirs could be fuelling dementia epidemic afflicting one million people

It is the first direct evidence that a chemical, produced by #algae, might be linked to devastating brain conditions Scientists have #discovered the toxin in seafood and plants, through which it is feared it is entering the food chain Researchers highlighted a growing body of evidence that the toxin, named ...

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Scotland could add folic acid to flour

#Scotland is considering whether to add #folic #acid to #flour as concern mounts that there #could be an increase in birth defects while the Westminster government delays a decision. Any move by Scotland could lead to folic acid being added to flour-based products UK-wide, as this would be the easiest ...

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Could BAKING SODA save your life?

Compound in #baking #soda – bicarbonate – reduces early death, study found Baking soda – or sodium bicarbonate – helps regulate pH levels People with low bicarbonate levels have 24% higher risk of early death They should eat fruits or vegetables to get more bicarbonate, scientists say Many of us ...

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