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Chinese herbal medicine may decrease mortality risk for chronic HBV

#Chinese #herbal medications improved all-cause #mortality among Taiwanese patients with #chronic hepatitis B virus infection, according to published findings. “Traditional Chinese medicines have been used in China for more than [2,000] years and are being used increasingly worldwide. Chinese herbal medicines [are] still used extensively for the treatment [of hepatitis ...

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Difference Between Acute & Chronic Wounds

#Difference #Between #Acute & #Chronic #Wounds Basically, when we talk about differentiating acute and chronic injuries or wounds, it should be first stated that both these are wounds of an extreme nature. Acute wounds or injuries are those that heal within a defined time period, usually two weeks in a ...

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The Difference Between Acute Pain and Chronic Pain


The #Difference #Between #Acute #Pain and #Chronic Pain The human body is capable of perceiving different unpleasant sensations which the brain interprets as pain. It is important for the body to be able to recognize certain types of pain because the feeling of pain warns our brain that we are ...

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