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Researchers confirm that cranberry extract helps fight UTIs in breastfed children under age one

#Researchers from the universities of Granada (Spain) and Kvopio (Finland) have confirmed that #cranberry #extract #helps fighting urinary tract infections (#UTIs) in #breastfed babies #under one year of age. Their work has proven that this compound prevents the prescription of antibiotics in the prophylaxis for recurrent urinary tract infections in ...

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Childhood obesity linked to poverty, parenting style: Strategies to combat the rising problem need to reflect these factors, suggests new research from Concordia University — ScienceDaily


  It’s not just genes that are the cause: socio-demographic and environmental elements are also contributing factors. Lower socio-economic status, living in neighbourhoods that aren’t walkable and poor access to fresh fruits and vegetables can all increase the risk of being overweight.   With #obesity rates on the rise, a ...

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Avoiding Motion Sickness With Children


#Avoiding #Motion #Sickness With #Children While traveling the open road with kids in tow, there is always the possibility someone will get carsick. In the confined, close quarters of a family car, that is not a pleasant experience for anyone. By taking a few simple precautions, parents can help their ...

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