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Alzheimer’s ’cause’ discovered: Poisonous algae found in UK freshwater lakes and reservoirs could be fuelling dementia epidemic afflicting one million people

It is the first direct evidence that a chemical, produced by #algae, might be linked to devastating brain conditions Scientists have #discovered the toxin in seafood and plants, through which it is feared it is entering the food chain Researchers highlighted a growing body of evidence that the toxin, named ...

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Coeliac disease can cause aches and sore joints


#Coeliac #disease can #cause #aches and #sore #joints Karen, 36, a hospital speech and language therapist, who lives in Leeds, simply chalked it up with the other niggling joint problems she'd had since she was a child. From &39;clicky&39; joints that would always crack loudly, to hip …. &39;The best ...

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Bicipital Tendinitis Symptoms, Cause And What Can Be Done

#Bicipital #Tendinitis #Symptoms, #Cause And What Can Be #Done Bicipital Tendinitis is an irritation of the tendon for the biceps musculature, which is identified in the front of the shoulder and is a common cause of shoulder discomfort. This article shares the medical symptoms associated with this common painful condition ...

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