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Diabetes Blood Test


#Diabetes #Blood #Test Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases worldwide. Numbers are expected to double in the next 20 years. Many people suffering from diabetes are not aware of their condition. Symptoms of diabetes could go for years before people become aware of their illness. Patients in poor ...

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Lastest ALT Test (Liver Blood Tests) News


Curcumin inhibits cobalt chloride-induced epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition … Studies also demonstrated that hepatocytes could contribute to the accumulation of activated fibroblasts via EMT, which had a functional role in the progression of fibrosis in two different mouse models for chronic #liver disease. These data …. The … Read more on Nature.com ...

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Lastest Alpha-fetoprotein Blood Test News


Why Women Do (and Don't) Choose Fetal Tissue Donation After Abortion Which is why Katie and her husband in no way expected her alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) #test, administered at 18 weeks, to come back abnormal. The amount of AFP present in a pregnant woman&39;s #blood from her fetus can serve as ...

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Food Allergy Blood Test


#Food #Allergy #Blood #Test We all know that most of us have an allergy to something. But finding out what the allergy really can be a discouraging job. Performing a food allergy blood test is something that you and your physician can do by eliminating foods from your diet and ...

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