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Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

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  1. Or maybe I'm mistaken.

  2. -___- Ok . . lol.

  3. They help but you feel like an idiot, especially the laugh one

  4. ho ho ho ho ho……….

  5. Thanks So much for sharing your Talent. <3

  6. thx thats nice:)

  7. Love this I really feel it ..

  8. It really did help c:

  9. it really does help! Ive learned classical singing for 2 years and my teacher taught me the same techniques. :) Helped alot.

  10. I love it wierd and helpful at the same time

  11. Sardey Sykes Fuentes Urie

    No, it's a complement, not, it's not good enough, i like it!!! :)

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  13. thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx you are great!!!

  14. I currently taking voice lesson and piano :–)

  15. Muslihuddin Ramadan

    The thing that make me breathless when singin is then phelgm that stuck on my lungs and throat wht should I do??

  16. I get froggy when I sing above my natural voice (above A) and then when I get up to the D or E it sounds clear again.  What am I doing wrong???

  17. While doing the hah hah hah hah haa, which part does the work? Is it the lung or diaphragm?

  18. i tried doing the laughing part and broke down in laughter lmao

  19. Opposing the ascent (relaxing) of the diaphragm is all that is necessary. This doesn't require diaphramatic strength, just coordination. These exercises may or may not help to develop that coordination. The muscles that need strengthening are those below the diaphragm which help to oppose its ascent.

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