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Taoist Meditation Techniques:  The Secret Smile

Taoist Meditation Techniques: The Secret Smile

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  1. Thanks, from now on I will choose and follow you as my master.

  2. bottom part of the pelvis? what's that bodypart called? :)

  3. this uh.. didn't help at all. just wasted my time. False advertising shit

  4. Hi Elizabeth I'm John I Just Watched you viedo and I would to know more about meditaationa and chakra… asi you can see I am originary form India but I'm italian guy!!! Could you halp me?
    Thanks kiss, john

  5. koon-pow… seh, zeni zhaiah… maito paki-sun keto kuni kawa sun jido-panas.

  6. The vagina

  7. no you will do chidori

  8. No this is for Hidden Lotus….:P

  9. 2:30 When you get high.

  10. I have just found you through a blog called "Body Positive Yoga" of which I "liked" on Facebook. She used a few of your videos for a post on how to help back pain. I love your methods/techniques and your spirit. Very calming. Thank you for what you do. I look forward to working along with more of your videos. Great job!

  11. Of course you can't you silly folk. Only the 4th, Jiraya and Naruto could do it. You're clearly outclassed here.

  12. Ahh killer foot on the loose with a curse mark

  13. Nice. I feel relaxed now

  14. could you carry on meditating if i was masterbating you with my warm moist and movable tongue

  15. ho long you last beforre coming until you get use to it lucky 5minutes 6 with ice

  16. am going to undress you again then again masterbate you with my tongue

  17. am taking your clothes off and hand cuffin you so i start to undress you

  18. Only 140 000 videos, WTF!

  19. Sweetalker Sound Design

    Is that because your penis is so small as to be nearly invisible? (Yep.)

  20. I heard all the chakras are on the spine. is that true?

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