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DETOX de Jugos en 3 dias- Jugo 1, Paris -3 day juice DETOX, Day 1

DETOX de Jugos en 3 dias- Jugo 1, Paris -3 day juice DETOX, Day 1

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  1. Love, love, love your videos!!!

  2. whole bottle… hmmm… how much is that? 17fl.oz? 34fl.oz
    I can drink a 0.5 litre as well as 1 whole litre.
    Maybe stupid question for some people, but I really would like to know.
    Thank you!

  3. I love your boobs they're so perky! Did working out give you perky boobs or have you always had them. I would like My breath to be firmer 

  4. i need all the advice on detoxing i can get! my sister is getting married in a few months!!! so basically……I NEED TO BE FIT AND HEALTHY AND EVERYONE WILL BE STARING AT THE UNMARRIED SISTER! LOL! X

  5. All you said was to squeeze the lemon in…what about the cucumber and mint?

  6. How many 50cl bottles of water should i drink a day to lose weight??
    (Only answer if you know how much)

  7. U gained weight yur so fat i need to loose weight 

  8. Can you make a video on tips of how to become healthy and fit?

  9. Strawberry cucumber water is so delicious

  10. Ur dog looks dead in the background lmao!

  11. talk too much ! I came here to see the detox water

  12. HI J , you know if you also use eggplant to defuse the water it helps you lose weight and is also beneficial for a bunch off other stuff.  :D

  13. wanna try this, yum! when u squeeze the lemons, make sure you pick out the seeds because you could choke on them!! love you jarmaine!! 

  14. I just did a 3 day lemon water detox and it helped me out alot

  15. Damn Jarmaine you fine lil devil

    imma try it on Monday

  16. Damn…Way to much video editing. You literally cropped out every clip after every sentence that was spewed out of your mouth. I'm gonna try that lemon water detox "Challenge" though. Thank you for the tips.

  17. What to eat for breast ?

  18. O m g you go here in my country

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