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DETOX de Jugos en 3 dias- Jugo 1, Paris -3 day juice DETOX, Day 1

DETOX de Jugos en 3 dias- Jugo 1, Paris -3 day juice DETOX, Day 1

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  1. can we use honey instead of stevia

  2. do you recommend anything for rosacea??

  3. Doctor can we also use maple syrup as a sweetener if stevia is not available?

  4. Great video! Do you recommend drinking the drink through a straw? I have heard that the acidity breaks down our teeth's enamel.

  5. Hi, a question about mixing this detox drink into a morning smoothie.

    Would this combination work:

    -These ingredients (honey instead of stevia), lettuce, apple, chia seeds, scoop of protein powder, 1-2 tbsp coconut oil, water (the lettuce and apple rotated with other vegs and fruits, such as kale, blueberries, etc.) All of this in a smoothie blender.

    OR, is this drink meant to be these ingredients only on an empty stomach for a while? Will that combination reduce or nullify the effects?


  6. Instead of stevia use honey it's even better. Honey is all natural antibiotic capabilities from what I understand. And it tastes good :^) 

  7. Love drinking this stuff. But just a word of advice, you should really be drinking it through a straw. By doing this, you are protecting your tooth enamel to the best of your ability because the ACV and lemon juice are highly acidic!

  8. is it same true for green tea to have it before having meal in order to increase metabolism and burn fat

  9. is it safe to drink one glass of this everyday?

  10. no that kind of lemon juice…..

  11. Picked up all the ingredients and total cost was under 15 dollars in my town. Stevia and Bragg's Cider were both about 5 dollars each. This should last a good while. Thanks.

  12. Just tried my first one..taa daa.That was amazingly delicious! I can only describe this drink as a surprising scrumptious liquid detox with a kick.

  13. wow! u look good with a beard! anyway i hope this works!

  14. Great drink.

  15. can I ad honey instead of stevia?  why do you use stevia?

  16. Wow that was intense.  I saw this for the first time yesterday.  I want to detox from sugar and woke up with a headache so thought maybe this drink will help.  My husband and I had one each about 15 minutes ago.  At first I felt very full then only minutes later had to go to the bathroom!  My headache is now gone!!!  I am a believer!!!  Super Awesome!!!!  He is getting the gotta go to the bathroom feeling too.  LOL!  Body is tingling and I feel light and really good.  Ready for a huge salad with lots of avocado!.

  17. will it make a lesser effect if I don't put cayenne pepper?

  18. Thanks for the video. is it possible that I feel much more hungry after this drink? it is related to metabolism?

  19. Best time to ingest ACV is in the AM. First thing in the morning, before you know what hit ya. It will wake you up. It does me. Bragg would drink a lot more than the currently recommended amounts. It is acetic acid so it could reek havoc on calcium levels, compromising bone density. Moderate amounts daily as a protocol is the best.

  20. How many times a day can you drink this stuff? I heard when you first get up in the morning you should drink  one glass of lemon juice with or with out Ginger or Apple cider vinegar or what ever you prefer. Just curious?

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