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Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

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  1. You're welcome Sarah! :) Hope you keep watching!

  2. This actually helped a lot, thanks Kati!

  3. Healthy Lifestyle Trainer

    Hi Kati,
    The physiological reason a longer exhale reduces stress is the stimulation of the two parts of the autonomic nervous system: the sympathetic and the parasympathetic. The sympathetic nervous system is essentially the "fight or flight" response and the inhalation amplifies this. The parasympathetic system is for healing and digesting and the exhale brings you more into the parasympathetic system.
    Good exercise!

  4. I've so much anxiety hope this helps

  5. I find that I get lightheaded when I hold my breath for any length of time. Is this normal, am I doing something incorrectly, or should I not do this exercise?

  6. Ive been doing this for more then 10 years and its the best quick relaxation u can get. Now im really happy that finally theres a video for everyone else to see this great relaxing exercise. I am actually from Armenia and my grandmother told me this exercise more then 10 years ago before she passed away and all my life i remembered this and did it on and off. Also people another good relaxing exercise is progressive muscle relaxation. Search it find it and defenitly do it

  7. To DRAGON. It mite help to expand ur lungs a bit more. ..becoming lite headed is fine if sitting. ..but to much or to little oxygen in blood. ..unturned morning. ..from 1 to 10 breaths. ..1 I am breathing in. ..1 I am breathing out. .2 I am breathing in. ..2 I am breathing out and so on till ten. ,if u lose fox..start at one infill you can get from one to ten living in ur breath. .this is a great way to relax and balance mind and body. .to expand lung function. .. breath normally, ,count ur in breath and out breath. Lets say ur 5 seconds in and out. …breath 5 in and 10 seconds out. Don't do for vary long, maybe 5 full breaths. …this will expand ur lungs and purify as it pushes out old dead air. ..and makes room for fresh air to move in. ..namista 

  8. Breathing IN is not the relaxing part, breathing OUT is.

  9. Strength And Philosophy

    Thanks :)

  10. Is it okay to not place your tongue behind the teeth while doing the breathing method?

  11. thank you

  12. thanks for that

  13. I watched and tried 3 or 4 videos before this one and I can't tell you how relaxed it made me. I definitely need help with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. This exercised my whole body, almost like a reboot. Is it ok to do like thru out the day? 

  14. it helps me to sleep fast reapeat it 3 to 4 times before sleep in 2 mins you fall sleep

  15. Wow. I got sleepy. Thank you!

  16. Tshering Cheychey Dorji

    thank u

  17. Wow! Thank you so much Kati! THAT REALLY HELPED!!! Bless you!

  18. ur really suppposed to breathe in and out thru the nose…not the mouth

  19. Jesús Airam Martín Cabrera

    It work very fine, thanks

  20. I feel so good and sleepy :)

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