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Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

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  1. what kind of stone are you holding ?

  2. Tru-Life | Carla Trujillo

    Thanks for asking….. I'm holding a clear quartz crystal

  3. Tru-Life | Carla Trujillo

    For me, I do whatever feels right in my heart. I'm happy you enjoyed the video. Peace

  4. thank you.. what a location ! 😉 namastè

  5. Tru-Life | Carla Trujillo

    Sedona is a magical place………. Thank you and Peace

  6. 😉 namastè <3

  7. Wonderful, felt like i had a friend to meditate with

  8. Tru-Life | Carla Trujillo

    Many thanks!

  9. Thank you, beautiful. Both videos I've seen so far are my top favorites now :) Last video, next. I look forward to future videos.

  10. Tru-Life | Carla Trujillo

    Thank you – My heart smiles reading your comment(s)!

  11. I am grateful for you. Peace.

  12. Wow amazing video, I'm haging trouble concentrating while trying to do reiki. I have already a reiki I certificate but am still haging trouble. In due time I hope. We would like to see more videos please

  13. Tru-Life | Carla Trujillo

    Mrs. Takata said "A little Reiki everyday is better than no Reiki at all". I am a believer of daily Reiki self-treatments. Just know Reiki is working and the more you practice the easier it will be -My humble opinion.
    I have two more videos at this time, I invite you to visit my youtube channel or my web site to view – SedonaReikiMaster com
    I send you blessings on your Reiki journey – Peace
    It makes me happy to know people are using and enjoying my videos – Thanks

  14. thanks you, yes I am going to keep practicing and hopefully I could see myself progressing. I am an inpatient guy at times but I understand that this cannot be rushed. I am looking forward to taking a trip to Sedona soon. My fiance and I are reiki beginners, my neighbor is a little more advanced. We all want to go to Sedona.

  15. g wilkins (1959glow)

    Love the Very relaxed and Soothing setting.. Wish you could make more videos..
    Have downloaded  for use on laptop and tablet..

  16. Live Light with Alex Kip

    Cool ! Thanks!

  17. Hope all ppl around the world practice REIKI it  would be better to live coz we can feel God close to us.  thank you for sharing ur videos and transmit the peace in our hearts. My love one is Reiki master too and he helps me so much and ppl as well .  love to learn more .Blessing Carla.

  18. Fantastic… looking forward to see more, namaste!!

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