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Raja Drawja – Detox

Raja Drawja – Detox

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  1. How to check/calculate the calories on the food which we are going to have? Also, what else can be incorporated in carbs eccept rice and bread? Can you pls give some examples

  2. Hun

  3. Can you drink the protein powder in water at snack.

  4. Can I have 2 egg whites with oatmeal??

  5. cheak peas causing bloting ….

  6. seria genial si saliera el subtitulado en español :)

  7. hey favourite person on youtube!!
    I just got home from the grocery store and bought ALL these ingredients and enjoyed my smoothy. :) Thank you for everything. I lost 10 pounds and learned how to cook way healthier meals because of you! I tell all my friends about you all the time.

  8. I am just give birth a baby ,my question is this Detox Plan it's benefit for my to get fat down and lose fat

  9. Radakrishnan Nithiyaa

    Hi, can i add low fat yogurt to my detox diet plan?

  10. could excessive release of gas result in reduced bloating?

  11. I watch your videos over and over :3. can u please do more healthy dinner meals please.

  12. any alternatives for chickpeas??

  13. Cat House Publishers

    I just found this guidebook called “Shock Detox” program on youtube and I want to say it did the trick for me! But this video helps a lot as well, thank you!

  14. amaaazzzing!

  15. thanks ill try to follow these <3

  16. can I season my food with salt & pepper?

  17. this is great! (well as usual i should say)
    btw am i the only who loves her white top?

  18. Would u please tell me how can I have a chicken ( the vegetable stock ) ?
    I find it difficult to find goji berries as well as spinach in my place. How can I replace them? Thanks a lot!

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