Put calorie counts on alcoholic drinks, LGA says – BBC News

It also says a pint of cider at 4.5% has 216 and is the equivalent to three-quarters of a burger, while a single spirit at 40% is 61 calories or an eighth of a burger.


Over 24 hours, drinking five pints of beer at 4% strength is the equivalent to eating more than three burgers. A bottle of wine – about four small 175 ml glasses – has the same calorie count as more than two burgers, the association says.


Izzi Seccombe, of the LGA, which represents more than 370 councils in England and Wales, said people should be able to make informed choices about the effects of their drinking.


She added: “Most people are aware that excessive alcohol can lead to serious health problems like liver and heart damage, and an increased risk of . However, the amount of calories from an average night’s drinking isn’t so well-known.


The LGA says calories from alcohol are classed as “empty calories”, with no nutritional value, and by drinking alcohol, the amount of fat the body burns for energy is reduced.


This is a great idea, i could maybe skip a meal and have a couple glasses of wine and still be OK with my

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