Proteomic Pathways that Lead to Gout Comorbidities

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Compared to healthy and disease controls, patients with gouty arthritis (n=48) had significantly higher mean levels of CXCL8 (P < .001), whereas other cytokines were almost undetectable. Similarly, patients with intercritical (inactive) gout also …
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Can Tomatoes Trigger Gout Attacks?
The main foods traditionally shown to trigger gout attacks are alcohol, red meat, and seafood. Some people, however, insist tomatoes prompt their attacks, so a team of researchers from New Zealand and Australia decided to explore the question: can …
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Red blood cell distribution width may be useful marker of CKD in patients with
“In [an] acute gout attack, RDW, an easy and quick measurable index, may represent renal dysfunction rather than inflammatory burden or uric acid level, and physicians who treat acute gouty arthritis with high RDW should pay attention to the recurrence …
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