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Body Transformation-Cancer to Bodybuilder

Body Transformation-Cancer to Bodybuilder

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  1. Right,,, 

  2. Vale Anthony Sparrow

    can I have my prostate gubbings removed before the cancer takes hold, like a lady with historic genetic breast cancer through the female side of her ancestors, bravely takes the decision to have both of her breasts removed. Females are more aware of survival through cancer.

  3. Vale Anthony Sparrow

    Poor Bob Monkhouse left it to late, all the money he had never saved his life at the end of the day. Right up to the end, he wanted to live and be funny, funny, even joking about his illness. Good old Bob. The king of comedy. As good as Laurel and Hardy, Bob Hope, better than Chaplin, because Chaplin was a genius, but a arrogant bastard. Bob Monkhouse was a genius, but a true Gentleman. x

  4. dr.adnan peer khidry

    is very important to every one no this information

  5. Inteteressante quanto ho appena conosciuto il percorso prostatico 

  6. how do I check if i hv high PSA.
    and due to what does dis prostate cancer occur. …like due to having sex, wll dis occur. …

  7. How do you know if you have prostate cancer

  8. drink more water everyday.

  9. Computer Networking

    good tips for our daily life

  10. Nicely done!

  11. Can i borrow this video and translate it in greek, then upload it in my channel for my country? I'll provide the original link on description.


  12. idk what i have but I'm concern about this. i have a testicle bigger and popping out and my penis from the bottom is having a black line and i start to have little white dots in my penis head what do i have I'm very worry

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