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Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

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  1. Thx but I thought GOD wanted everyone to be enlightened. ITS SUPPOSED TO BE FREE SO EVERYPNE CAN BE HELPED. the real meditation ppl never sell it because everyone should have an equal chance to be enlighten. There's plenty of free techniques on ppl dont pay for it.

  2. i think i did it wrong

  3. kundalini is not a religion… christianity has nothing to do with yoga, even though christ was potentially a yogi, what is written in bibles and others are a different thing… has nothing to do with hinduism, please don not confuse both !

  4. Thanks first for the infos :)
    One asks. like notices one whether kundalini has already awoken to her opinion? I make yoga and meditation are approx. 2 weeks. had in early before 2 meet from untermove from an extremely strong feeling as if from mine bulge out something aufstick, are to him I have very much energy tables hands more often and move in hands and feet.

  5. I don't like this method for kundalini awakening. It's too stranuous. When you want to work with kundalini energy it should be done without any effort at all, that is when it is at its best.

  6. When my kundalini awoke there was no question that it was a kundalini awakening, so I'd say yes. I didn't know what kundalini was beforehand though.

  7. actually the spine should be straight… your back and head must be in a line…and thats important for the easy flow of the energy through the spinal chord…

  8. oh i know – the Hindus were 100 percent right about meditation…just not so accurate about the Gods.( from direct experience) ..and i speak as one who honored Tara and Buddhas and i still honor my teacher from tibet who taught me. i still believe people should follow their hearts and find their way THEIR way.

  9. but the most stable position to form independence- strength and align breath and chakras is def. this one…but true you can meditate anyway u like of course

  10. AakashMalhotra1971

    no offence plz! In hindu mythological books (Purans), Buddha's birth was already mentioned. And meditation is part a true Indian. What I believe is everyone is Indian till he doesn't hate any one, respect others, live peacefully and let others live the way they like. And yes Hindus (Basically Rishi sabhyata or Satya (truth) religion knows 100% right abt meditation/yog etc.

  11. I second that. I lol a bit when I hear people ask if their "kundalini" whatever energy has awakened. Its such a heavy mixture of neurotransmitters firing ALL at once you can't miss it. Like taking morphine, XTC and methamphetamine with weed and LSD at the same time.. you notice it lol.

  12. You mind sharing that knowledge since you're so good at it?

  13. 1000 times stronger than an orgasm, and very similar to what people describe on DMT- in my case less visual.

  14. How many days in a row are we supposed to do these meditations? Is there a routine to these?

  15. You can lie down as well :)

  16. Pranam  guruji….Please guide me.  i really loved the way u narrate the process…. I wish GOD BLESS YOU AND MAKE YOU JOYFUL IN LIFE…

  17. Hi Very interesting video. I've read from many articles and people who practiced Kundalini Meditation that it eventually invokes spirits and demonic entities. Some entities can start off nice and can quickly turn on you and wreak havoc on your life. Have you encountered such paranormal phenomena in your meditation and Kundalini breathing exercises?

  18. The guy who says a guru would not give their life for you is mistaken.
    anyone enlightened would do that for humanity.
    Guru is wrong. It leads you to think of someone witb a mass following ie cult
    These people are healers or people who show you the way.
    gurus are internet marketers who jump on the latest craze.
    Enlightened people look for a better way and a better hunanity.
    Man poisoned thr word God.
    I now usr the words Creater and The Almighty. They are pure strong words for a pure and strong and brilliantly magically intelligent FORCE within us that we shut out wiyh ignorant existance.
    Start living guys!!!

  19. hello sir i was wondering if you had the same video in hindi , it is not like i don't know / can't speak english but sir this is something very special to me and i'd only want it to hear it in my mother tongue, i sincerly apologize if my remarks are annonying or disturbing.

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