One in two IVF sperm donors for Australian kids is American

One in two IVF for is
The latest data on the use of Assisted Reproductive Technology shows that strong demand for infertility treatment has levelled off but outcomes continue to improve, with genetic testing expected to revolutionise the industry in the coming years …
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Ownership of eggs and sperm in assisted reproductive technology
This article considers whether an egg, sperm or embryo can be the legal property of its producers in assisted reproductive technology. … The wife contacted the Canberra Fertility Centre and requested that the sample semen be transferred into her name.
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Human Reproductive Technologies Market to Reach US.1 billion by 2019 with
The global human reproductive technology market is also segmented by the various infertility treatments and procedures available in the market such as: Global IVF Procedures, Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer (ZIFT), Infertility Treatment/Assisted …
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