Natural Treatment for Jaundice and Causes

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The virus occurs first and foremost on the basis of three types of jaundice are viral hepatitis A, viral hepatitis B and non A and non B viral hepatitis.

The disease occurs mostly in areas where such people have little importance on personal and environmental hygiene is ignored altogether. Crowd – even in areas with to a great extent of it is hell. Viral B can be in any season and non-B viral A and close contact from person to person. These viruses vary in the feces of patients anguish from Jaundice person’s stool, dirty water, or are spread by food.

B Blood and blood and blood form viral sharing and is transmitted by sexual activity. It pays to be the person that makes the patient. Here to give blood the patient’s personage disease carriers. Needles and Syringes without to the injection can also extend the disease.

Jaundice virus with a infection cure fingers in the human body honestly and indirectly by the patient’s feces or flies are. A healthy man is prone to the sickness.

A type of jaundice and non A and non B, jaundice is found in the this virus can occur anytime of the year, but August, September and October months are more victims of this infection. Decrease in its prevalence at the start of chill.

Symptoms of the disease:

A type of non-A and non B type of jaundice and jaundice disease take three to six weeks after infection, the disease symptom.

 B-type jaundice (viral hepatitis) after six weeks of the contagion of the disease symptom of the disease.

Jaundice due to the following: –


Fever enduring.
Loss of craving.
Minor ailment of fatty food.
Nausea and from time to time be Ultimo.
Pain in the head.
Pain in the skull to the right.
Have fair-haired eyes and nails.
Urine to be fair-haired.
Feel very frail and tired bit tired

What is disease?

Any person may stage the sickness. Yes, the severity of illness course depends on the patient’s condition.

Most of the attack on people, the disease is simple. But irregularly difficult because of the severity of liver disease (liver) are at responsibility.

Treatment: –

Soon the enduring should go to the physician consultation.
Should rest in bed, on foot, do not rev.
The check has to be provided.
Lemon, orange and additional fruit drink is also beneficial in this disease.
Fat-rich food intake is harmful to it.

Disease Prevention and Rescue

To avoid the outbreak of jaundice a few easy things to remember are: –
Cooking, serving, before and after consumption and after defecation should wash the hands with entertainment in installments.
Food chain should contain a closet or by covering it with the lid in order to be secluded from flies and dust.

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