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DETOX de Jugos en 3 dias- Jugo 1, Paris -3 day juice DETOX, Day 1

DETOX de Jugos en 3 dias- Jugo 1, Paris -3 day juice DETOX, Day 1

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  1. Have you heard of Don Tolman ?

  2. Very good point. When I was young we ate collards every Sunday and Wednesday for dinner. I have started eating collards again weekly after 10 years plus avoiding them.

  3. @AquaCherokee27 collards arent great if u have low thyroid.. but otherwise,, yeah how u going with them…?

  4. @SovereignBeing Fortunately, I have no issues with my thyroid. But generally the diet and processed foods are filled with Sugar and salts. In order to have a balanced diet along with fiber, green leafy vegetables must be a part of your weekly meal plan not necessarily daily but at least 3 – 4 times per week. This was the norm when I was younger and it was rare for children or anyone for the matter to take otc laxatives. Those with bowel problems ate more starchy foods and sugars.

  5. @SovereignBeing Mustard Greens, no way. Give collard greens a try. Collard greens are not bitter and you can even saute them instead of drowning them the old fashion way where some people cook them to death where the nutrient value is depleted to the nth degree. Ha ha. Give collards a try.

  6. @chrismallyon
    Because the H in Herbs is silent.

  7. is grapefruit good to eat for the bitterness?

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  9. Does not having a gallblader affect how you need to go about detoxing your liver?

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