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Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

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  1. Enjoyed your meditation technique. I used my meditation mantra however. The benefits were exactly the same … peaceful & calming. Waking up to a quieter mind is bliss!

  2. Thank you Mindah-Lee. Your technique is very easy to follow & use.

  3. Quick guided-meditation. Great tool to build concentration–I use the counting technique for just that.

  4. Thank you. This is just what I needed x

  5. Curtis Confuz (M.C. Confuz)

    I love this technique! I feel much better :)  Thanks

  6. are you a kiwi?

  7. I have some anxiety, and I always seem to hyperventilate when trying to meditate, makes me extremely dizzy, I can't be aware of my breathing without controlling it, any tips??

  8. You are so calming and great. These videos have been very helpful to relax. Thank you. I wish I had a wise, wonderful, Women like you in my life. Bless you

  9. There are some times when I can focus on my breath for a decent amount of time, and others where I can't sit still and focus enough to get into it. Is that normal?

    Also, when I focus on my breathing, what should I be 'feeling'? I understand the need for an anchor, but it feels very mechanical and devoid of feelings or emotion. I'm not sure if that made sense. Essentially, I wanted to try meditation to help quell anxiety and anxious thoughts – am I expecting too much too soon? 

    Thanks for your videos! They're very peaceful!

  10. I am really enjoying your talks and meditations!! Have you made a guided Insight Meditation video?

  11. thank you.

  12. Thank you,, lovely and simple. Just started incorporating meditation into my everyday life..

  13. You are wonderful thanks!

  14. Hello, I'm new to mediation, I really like this simple technique, but also challenging my mind would wonder its not as easy but I would catch myself. How many times a day and at what time would you recommend doing this?

  15. Terrific! Thank you.

  16. Excellent, some help (a pep talk!) then silence (ie not guided) is exactly what I wanted. Thanks, will check out your other stuff.

  17. amazing

  18. mindah can u please make a video on how to deal with anger please

  19. I really appreciate this meditation lesson, for myself easily the best example on line of how to practise a simple breathing exercise, no fuss, no music just quite solitude. I find the breathing exercise done with the video is working out really well. So thank you I will continue to follow your videos, and learn a little at a time.

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