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Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

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  1. Ever thought about making a video about cramped up solarplexus?

    I can feel mine decramp and relax when I am meditating.
    But sometimes as soon as I stop meditating it would instantly get cramped again.
    I'm very interested in your experience and mindset on that.

  2. Hey Leo,

    Is it okay to listen to music while meditating? Like instrumentals? I've been doing that with strictly non-lyrical music and have noticed that it really helps me just sit still and sort of "space out" into nothingness.

    -love the videos btw

  3. Hi Leo, thanks for another great vid.
    I have a couple of questions regarding this video if you got a minute.

    1. Mindfulness is the practice of seeing things without labels, right? So if you are labeling everything that hits your senses as a part of the practice, I am wondering how this is not creating more labels?

    2. Do you think that this method will provide more benefits than standard breathing meditation? And if so, do you think it is a good idea for me to replace my current breathing meditation practice with this one?

  4. Can I listen to meditation music while I am meditating?

  5. O shit. I realy have to do the laundry.

  6. ForeverLastinqSleep

    heeeyyyYYYyyyyyy this is leo

  7. Leo, you're stuff is great! My best friend doesn't think so though haha.

    In regards to this mindfulness practice (I'm sold btw and have already done 13 minutes of practice despite just finding this video an hour ago) but is this something we can also do/play around with outside of our specific meditation time (for instance in our daily lives like when we are driving or shopping) or should we only do these practices when we actually set aside specific mediation time?

    Also, will this eventually become a second nature habit so that we are always mindful even in our day to day lives?

    I have so many more questions about your teachings but I won't bombard you right here right now. Thanks!

  8. Thank you Leo. Changing lives here :)

  9. This is like listening to myself think! Keep up the good work dude…

  10. After I finished meditating for about 25min yesterday, my eyesight was totally screwed. It would take about 8 seconds before I could focus on anything. Double vision and blurriness. It lasted about 20min before gradually returning to normal.
    I am reasonably new to meditation and this is the first time that this has happened.
    Is this something to be concerned about??
    My meditation consisted of sitting with my eyes closed, clearing my mind, and visualizing myself and surrounds.

  11. can you do a video on transcendental meditation

  12. Thanks for the reply Leo. This method is working great. Especially with the emotional feelings. Whenever I have a strong emotion (often times a negative one about a girl I'm involved with) I will say 'feel', savor it, and usually I will notice that either the emotion isn't what I thought it was or I will notice that the emotion just kind of goes away. I think that is me recognizing the present truth and not living by some idea in my head. If I keep practicing this will I eventually reach a point where I am mindful most of the time without having to focus on it?

  13. leo i'm so thankful that you exist and put up these videos q__q at the beginning of this year i had a really bad meltdown because of stress and anxiety about college and getting a job and overthinking my entire life basically and it left me feeling super depressed and i'd feel like i wasn't real and i'd just randomly cry for no reason everyday

    and then i found your videos because i was so desperate to find a solution to feel like myself again and you just help me more and more everyday i've been meditating and within like such a short time i've become wiser and happier and calmer than most (i might even say all) people in my life and it was all because you introduced these concepts to me!! sometimes the depressed feelings come back and little and i just watch some of your videos to remind myself that i have the power to change it. so thank you so much!!!

  14. yes that lamp i was looking at was bought from ikea xD

  15. Your awesome Leo u are a life savor

  16. Could u do a video on ocd (pure o) I suffer terribly.. Life destruction.. I read some books on it and know a bit but would like to hear your thoughts on it

  17. Leo Bisente here, I lost my job 2 years ago, about the same time I found you, so I have been taking in to consideration your teachings, I am happy to say that I am retired and have a lot of time to work on finding my authentic self, I have learned a lot from your research, I really like being able to get into a thoughtless frame of mind, I am about to take my girl south to better climate to help her Fybromyalgea, I don't have to be any where for 5 months, so I am going to take this opportunity to work on self actualizing my self more than I already am, , I already am not involved in most of those monkey businesses you talked about, I am proud to say I have pealed all most all the negative layers that society have in bedded into my mind, I will be following my passion as you requested, I have been playing base in bands for 40 years , so I am going to the Tampa area and see how good a bassist I really am. looking forward to more of your teaching, by the way I consider myself as a Non denominational, semi spiritual, motivational, healer, I have tough people how to change there way of thinking, kinda like you. but on a much smaller scale. hope to here back from you,

  18. Shinzen's work is awesome

  19. Leo i hope you reply as soon as possible , can i practice both the normal meditation , the one were you stay put for 30 minutes a day without thinking about anything and elminate any thoughts (watch them go by as if they were clouds), and this type of meditation?

  20. When you said avoid being mindful of your mindfulness process, and also avoid being mindful of the mindfulness of your mindfulness process, and so on forever, did you mean to avoid that because it's for more advanced people? Or because it's delusional and misleading? is there such a thing is being too mindful? can mindfulness backfire?

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