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Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

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  1. I didn't see my spirit guide, but I felt it. It felt like warm welcome after being away for a long time. I felt like I was being embraced and loved. An overwhelming feeling of love and acceptance.

    Thank you :)

  2. This is such a beautiful thing to have happen * my departed Earthbound husband is the one, most important of my Spiritguides and is with me always guiding, supporting and loving me. Thank you, Jason for helping me get to the besutiful. peaceful garden where me and my Spirithusband can commune together * Rose, just keep going and open yourself to just being and feeling * Namaste to All * and especially to you, Jason *

  3. I didn't see my spirit guide. Just a brilliant shade of blue that swarmed me from the time I began crossing the bridge… so I don't know what that was. I kept asking for my spirit guide to reveal myself but I only saw the color. and then I got snapped out of it as something brushed my cheekbone under my eye… a fly maybe. it was weird. made me jump and snapped me out of my meditation. I suppose I can try again tomorrow.

  4. Hotspot gamer Hade

    My one was a anime character

  5. I am not sure which is supposed to be my spirit guide I saw a figure standing before me and then there was this fast moving circle of light moving in circles before and after a few moments it felt like i was the light and figure/shadow stood there watching and smile and a part of me felt freedom, healing its like nothing else mattered at that time. I felt like I became a new person. So which is my guide..?

  6. I would love to connect with my spirit guide. Please lead me into it Jason

  7. Hi Jason, prior to listening to this audio, I've tried countless times to connect with my spirit guide, but have failed. Yesterday, I tuned in to your audio to meditate and as I was stepping up the stone stairs, I suddenly saw a male figure walking in front of me! I didn't see his face, but I saw his back and his outfit. For 2 seconds I walked with him ( without realizing that something miraculous just happened!) The moment I snapped myself to realize that he might be a spirit guide, I accidentally snapped out of my ENTIRE focus and he disappeared. Following that, I lost my concentration and could not meditate any further. That was an amazing experience! I'm not sure if that was a spirit guide but I saw SOMETHING. thanks for uploading!! do you have any additional tips or advice? thanks!!!

  8. This was amazing. I really enjoyed your voice and imagining all the things you mentioned. My spirit guide came to me as a deer. I felt so happy with it and calming sensation. Though I knew that it was going to have to leave soon. But when we started floating and becoming one I felt more at peace and happy that my spirit guide was becoming one with me and staying with me. 100% amazing guided meditation.

  9. Thankyou for another wonderful experience Jason…much love x

  10. At first I saw an eagle coming to my arm, and I saw a man with white clothes, golden hair, the wings of an angel playing flute and I thought the eagle was taking me to him, as we followed the song of the flute. But at the end, when I called for my spirit guide, the eagle appeared again but with the height of a human person. So I think the eagle was my spirit guide but then what about the man? Was the eagle my spirit guide? Or was my spirit guide sending me and eagle? Or was it both? Can you give me a little help? Thank you :)

  11. I can never actually see or feel anything. All I usually see is black and my imagination just can't keep up(?). Is there something that can help me with this?

  12. Is it my concentration that is bad or what??? Not feeling anything..

  13. Hi Jason thanks for this my spirit guide turned out to be a strong lion with a lovely golden main…what does this mean

  14. I kept on seeing a crab and a woman holding wheat

  15. John Mark Kissiedu

    I was yawning during the meditation . I don't know why but it just seems to happen on its own. Tears came out of my eyes after i finished meditating. I did not see my spirit guide

  16. Why is he tlkin need silence

  17. Saw something but then I actually knocked out and felt the mos relaxed all try again later

  18. Wow thank you Jason for helping me such trying times

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